Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bead Crochet; Hilarious 'Advent of Spring' Story!

I don't have any photos today, but will add some probably over the weekend of my latest bead crochet escapades. I have been trying to make up some of my own patterns; that did not work so well, so you won't see THOSE pics... but the things that come out well? Sure, I'll share those!

So, I work in a middle school that is especially for kids with serious behavior issues- a lot of them already have probation officers and criminal records and such. Well, today, we bagged a few of them outside around the corner during recess, smoking... they don't do that in the winter; it is too cold or something. Later on, I was sitting at my desk with the window open, and was enjoying the warm, fresh air, with the scent of someone sparking up the barbecue for an afternoon burger... or so I thought! Turns out, one of the cigarettes that the kids had tossed to the side had started a brush fire that burned a big area of grass and small trees... luckily, it was in an empty lot across the street from where there is a house! Those crazy kids. The fire department put the fire out pretty quickly and handily, and then, as usual, we called the police and made sure the guilty persons were held accountable. One of the kids was one that JUST returned this week from a 45 day suspension for selling drugs! What a clown.
Well, reader(s), tonight it's bead crochet, Survivor, and whatever else comes on later. Pics of progress to come soon!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Socks Aplenty!

Tonight, there be socks. First, a brief update on my Jaywalker progress. I must confess that I'm not going as speedily as usual- This weekend, the urge to clean my apartment and such got in the way of my knitting time! Sorry, haven't figured out how to rotate pictures yet... Like the pink towel the sock is on? I inherited those foxy towels from my grandma when she and my grandpa closed down their 'summer home' a few years ago. You should have seen the hot pink rugs and fuzzy toilet seat cover that coordinated with the towels. Man, that woman has style!

Next, is an ADORABLE pair of baby booties, made with some delightfully fluffy angora yarn. The pattern is out of the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book, and if you ever come across a little ol' ball of angora yarn, snap it up and make these... sooooo cute!

And finally, I am copying a play out of Cece's blogging handbook and have taken a picture of my large sock collection. And yes, please recall that I don't actually get to WEAR them all that often, but I love having them and love making them!

I guess the pic doesn't necessarily do justice to the various things that are going on with each pair of socks... there are some with groovy lace patterns, cables, and so on. I really like the lace pattern in the all black pair, (yeah, I know, completely not visible to you) and I always like doing socks in a knit 3 purl 1 ribbing. It is pleasing to me. :)

Well, Blogger gave me a run for my money tonight... I have been trying to upload pics since perhaps 5 pm, and I was finally successful at about 10:30!

And in closing, I have just received important instructions from my pal Laurie for me to make her some bead crochet bracelets. I am excited, because I haven't made any bead crochet bracelets recently, and I'm itchin' to get to it! Wahoo! I don't know if I'm pressing my luck, here, but here is a picture of a couple of the bracelets that I've made:

Yessss! They uploaded on the first try. Yayyyy! Well, that is all for tonight. Try to survive until next time!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

WIP, FO, and one thing I hate about running.

Well, first, let's show off the WIP, my Jaywalker socks. I am making them out of some nice yarn, but I can't remember what kind it is at all. Shame on me. I bought it a long time ago, and then wound it at either Cece's house, or possibly my mom's house... for some reason, I didn't keep the label with the yarn, which I usually do! Anyway, I love the simplicity of the pattern and the fantastic zig zag effect you get! Next time, I might try a different cuff that will zig and zag along with the rest of the sock... we'll see what I can come up with. The sad thing about knitting socks is this: I have extra sweaty feet (more on that later for those of you who can stomach it), and wool socks are probably a little more than I can handle. Therefore, I have a bunch of hand knit socks that I don't wear very often! I lovvvve making them, though, and will therefore continue.

And now we move to my latest FO, the "Leftovers Scarf that looks like a Caterpillar." Every single stitch was done with yarn left over from an old project! I like the way it turned out, but I don't like the way this picture makes it look. I did get a positive compliment from someone about it already, so I stand by my caterpillar! The pattern (if you care) was simple: 5 rows of black, 3 rows of 'reddish' yarn, repeat. I cut the yarn at the end of every row so as to create mass quantities of fringe, and after every half dozen rows or so, I'd tie the fringe together in pairs. Fringe-tastic!

And now, for the third and final installment for today. For those of you with weak stomachs, please skip this portion and never ever read it. Ever. If you have already seen the picture, please just imagine that it is some sort of abstract art. Okay, now let's see if this lives up to the hype. I went running today. Just about 3 miles or so. I have cranky foot-skin. It blisters like a bastard. I have tried various shoes, socks, powders, taping, lubing, and any other suggestion that has been thrown at me by a variety of doctors (chiropractors, physical therapists, dermatologists, podiatrists, and so on), runners, and general know it alls... I have also tried to allow time to toughen up my feet. It does not work. Instead, the toughened skin merely serves as an extra thick cover on top of the new blister. This is a nice picture of the bottom of one of my feet after my run today. I hope you enjoy it. Lucky for you, it's blurry! The damaged area is about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. Why, might you ask, do I still run? Because I am a gigantic idiot. Plus, it is good exercise, and I'm kinda used to the whole blistery horribleness by now. And, it is somewhat important to run if you're going to do a triathlon. I do those. Also because I am a gigantic idiot. I find them fun, blisters and all...

And on that note, I had better slink out of here before you all (and by you all, I mean the two people who know I have a blog) start hurling tomatoes and gauze pads at me.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Doom. That is the future for my argyle vest... unless, of course, I manage to grow about half a foot! Considering that I'm already 5'11", and am 33 years old, I"m thinkin' that's not going to happen any time soon. Plus, the deep V turned out not to be a good pairing with a small bust... it just kinda gaps open in a most unflattering way! Live and learn. However, I really enjoyed making and cutting the steeks, and intend to try to incorporate steeks into future projects as might be helpful.
Now, I have just cast on a pair of Jaywalker socks. I started them up, then frogged them after a couple of inches... my feet are extra skinny, so I am reducing their size. Luckily, the pattern is simple (but packs an adorable punch!), so I was able to modify it with no problem. I will include a picture when the progress warrants one!
This 'emergency wallet lockdown' is tough business. I managed not to go to a local bead show today, where I invariably would have spent money I shouldn't. I did stroll on over to Lush Beads and hang out with owner Liz and her trusty bead slave, Kathy. I worked on a right angle weave bezel for a nice cabochon, but decided that the bead colors I picked were sucky. So, once I gave up, I went home and looked through back issues of Interweave Knits. The Hub Mills factory store is having a clearance sale on their Classic Elite yarns, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some super cheapo yarn for some of the patterns I've been wanting to tackle. I figure it would be best to go in there with a game plan, rather than just randomly buying yarn for projects that don't even exist yet!
I am sitting, knitting, and watching piss-poor horror movies on the SciFi channel. I am completely loving it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here we are, blocking... I'm a little concerned that it's going to be a bit 'large' in the top region... I am not a busty lass by any stretch of the imagination... and that it's going to be longgggg overall. However, I really liked doing this pattern, and would actually consider giving it another go if it fails utterly to be a wearable object!

In other news, I am working along on my 'leftovers scarf', which I think looks quite pretty. Let's see what you think! It is like a giant caterpillar at this point in time... which, if you know me, is right up my alley. The only thing I don't like about it is that every row, I cut the yarn to make the fringe. Good because I don't have to go back and do the fringe later, but bad because it breaks the 'flow' of the knitting every row. I am having fun strolling down memory lane about the projects I used the original yarn for: a pair of thrummed mittens; a 9 foot long scarf that I made in college; a boxy sweater; a cool lacy cotton sweater; a scarf as a gift; and so on and so forth. The weather is still chilly here despite its being spring, so I'm hoping I'll finish before the weather turns! If I don't, it will be the first thing I try out next winter!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, my latest knitting project is on hold, because I have run out of yarn... you can see my progress at . I'm soooo close to being finished! The vest involved steeks, and it was very exciting to cut the steeks. I went so carefully and slowly... and it is so cool to see that they're holding up just fine as I continue to work on the garment.
Currently, I am on an 'emergency wallet lockdown', which doesn't allow me to go out and buy all kinds of yarn for projects. So, tonight, I pulled out all of my leftover yarn, and picked out the following yarns for a "leftover scarf project":

I think it will look nice! I also have plenty to make one in blues, greens, and who knows what else. We'll see how it goes once I get going!

Although I'm on a wallet lockdown, I do also have a small business where I make and sell jewelry. To that end, I went to a great bead show yesterday. and my FAVORITE beads were ones made by Lori Lochner. And, her beads inspired me to run to a nearby table and buy some cool wooden beads, and I zipped home and made these:

Oh, great. They are sideways. And, of course, the pics don't do these necklaces justice, in my opinion!

Well, now off to try and figure out this random yarn scarf...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Helloooooo! I have no idea if I have it in me to keep up a beading and knitting blog, but I'll give it a whirl...