Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bead Crochet; Hilarious 'Advent of Spring' Story!

I don't have any photos today, but will add some probably over the weekend of my latest bead crochet escapades. I have been trying to make up some of my own patterns; that did not work so well, so you won't see THOSE pics... but the things that come out well? Sure, I'll share those!

So, I work in a middle school that is especially for kids with serious behavior issues- a lot of them already have probation officers and criminal records and such. Well, today, we bagged a few of them outside around the corner during recess, smoking... they don't do that in the winter; it is too cold or something. Later on, I was sitting at my desk with the window open, and was enjoying the warm, fresh air, with the scent of someone sparking up the barbecue for an afternoon burger... or so I thought! Turns out, one of the cigarettes that the kids had tossed to the side had started a brush fire that burned a big area of grass and small trees... luckily, it was in an empty lot across the street from where there is a house! Those crazy kids. The fire department put the fire out pretty quickly and handily, and then, as usual, we called the police and made sure the guilty persons were held accountable. One of the kids was one that JUST returned this week from a 45 day suspension for selling drugs! What a clown.
Well, reader(s), tonight it's bead crochet, Survivor, and whatever else comes on later. Pics of progress to come soon!

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