Saturday, March 25, 2006

Doom. That is the future for my argyle vest... unless, of course, I manage to grow about half a foot! Considering that I'm already 5'11", and am 33 years old, I"m thinkin' that's not going to happen any time soon. Plus, the deep V turned out not to be a good pairing with a small bust... it just kinda gaps open in a most unflattering way! Live and learn. However, I really enjoyed making and cutting the steeks, and intend to try to incorporate steeks into future projects as might be helpful.
Now, I have just cast on a pair of Jaywalker socks. I started them up, then frogged them after a couple of inches... my feet are extra skinny, so I am reducing their size. Luckily, the pattern is simple (but packs an adorable punch!), so I was able to modify it with no problem. I will include a picture when the progress warrants one!
This 'emergency wallet lockdown' is tough business. I managed not to go to a local bead show today, where I invariably would have spent money I shouldn't. I did stroll on over to Lush Beads and hang out with owner Liz and her trusty bead slave, Kathy. I worked on a right angle weave bezel for a nice cabochon, but decided that the bead colors I picked were sucky. So, once I gave up, I went home and looked through back issues of Interweave Knits. The Hub Mills factory store is having a clearance sale on their Classic Elite yarns, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some super cheapo yarn for some of the patterns I've been wanting to tackle. I figure it would be best to go in there with a game plan, rather than just randomly buying yarn for projects that don't even exist yet!
I am sitting, knitting, and watching piss-poor horror movies on the SciFi channel. I am completely loving it!


Cece said...

That is sad. Do you know any freakishly tall, boobilious, skinny friends you could gift it too?

ljh said...

I'm not freakishly tall, or I guess one out of three isn't enough. Do you think the rounder I am the more the lenghth will go out rather than up?