Monday, March 27, 2006

Socks Aplenty!

Tonight, there be socks. First, a brief update on my Jaywalker progress. I must confess that I'm not going as speedily as usual- This weekend, the urge to clean my apartment and such got in the way of my knitting time! Sorry, haven't figured out how to rotate pictures yet... Like the pink towel the sock is on? I inherited those foxy towels from my grandma when she and my grandpa closed down their 'summer home' a few years ago. You should have seen the hot pink rugs and fuzzy toilet seat cover that coordinated with the towels. Man, that woman has style!

Next, is an ADORABLE pair of baby booties, made with some delightfully fluffy angora yarn. The pattern is out of the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book, and if you ever come across a little ol' ball of angora yarn, snap it up and make these... sooooo cute!

And finally, I am copying a play out of Cece's blogging handbook and have taken a picture of my large sock collection. And yes, please recall that I don't actually get to WEAR them all that often, but I love having them and love making them!

I guess the pic doesn't necessarily do justice to the various things that are going on with each pair of socks... there are some with groovy lace patterns, cables, and so on. I really like the lace pattern in the all black pair, (yeah, I know, completely not visible to you) and I always like doing socks in a knit 3 purl 1 ribbing. It is pleasing to me. :)

Well, Blogger gave me a run for my money tonight... I have been trying to upload pics since perhaps 5 pm, and I was finally successful at about 10:30!

And in closing, I have just received important instructions from my pal Laurie for me to make her some bead crochet bracelets. I am excited, because I haven't made any bead crochet bracelets recently, and I'm itchin' to get to it! Wahoo! I don't know if I'm pressing my luck, here, but here is a picture of a couple of the bracelets that I've made:

Yessss! They uploaded on the first try. Yayyyy! Well, that is all for tonight. Try to survive until next time!

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