Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, my latest knitting project is on hold, because I have run out of yarn... you can see my progress at . I'm soooo close to being finished! The vest involved steeks, and it was very exciting to cut the steeks. I went so carefully and slowly... and it is so cool to see that they're holding up just fine as I continue to work on the garment.
Currently, I am on an 'emergency wallet lockdown', which doesn't allow me to go out and buy all kinds of yarn for projects. So, tonight, I pulled out all of my leftover yarn, and picked out the following yarns for a "leftover scarf project":

I think it will look nice! I also have plenty to make one in blues, greens, and who knows what else. We'll see how it goes once I get going!

Although I'm on a wallet lockdown, I do also have a small business where I make and sell jewelry. To that end, I went to a great bead show yesterday. and my FAVORITE beads were ones made by Lori Lochner. And, her beads inspired me to run to a nearby table and buy some cool wooden beads, and I zipped home and made these:

Oh, great. They are sideways. And, of course, the pics don't do these necklaces justice, in my opinion!

Well, now off to try and figure out this random yarn scarf...


Cece said...

Oh... those are nice.

I was surprised that you didn't go to the yarn store yesterday and finish up the vest!

Do I get a gold star for being your first commenter?

Amanda said...

You do get a gold star, cece. And I did go to the yarn store to finish the vest!