Friday, April 07, 2006


I took the day off from work today to schlep down to Providence, Rhode Island to "The Whole Bead Show", at which a few of my fave bead vendors were in attendance. I was the proverbial kid in the candy store, and I think I did pretty well, finding good stuff. Here is a picture of most of the stuff I got:

Lots of seed beads, including some size 13 cut charlottes, which are the ones on the strands... so sparkly and pretty! The stone beads are river stones, polished and drilled for jewelry usage. Here is a closer shot of the lampwork beads in the center, which are from Grace Beads. I love her stuff, and she and the river stone dude are two of the people I had been hoping to visit! She had a great wholesale deal- 25% off everything- and her prices are good to begin with for handmade lampwork beads. She is more of a production beadmaker, as opposed to some people who focus on making huge, dramatic focal beads that cost tons of money. See below for one of those!

Okay, I walked past Joanne Morash's table (Blue Iris Designs) about 4000 times and touched all of her beads about 11 times each, before I found the one that would come home with me for an extra sinful price. Her beads have been featured in magazines and are incredibly luscious. See if you agree... of course, it's prettier in real life, as usual:

It's like, how in the world did she get hot glass to do THAT!?!?! If I lived near her, I swear I'd camp outside her house promising to do ANY menial tasks she needed done if only she'd teach me her secrets. That would rock. I would even scoop kitty litter for her. Or clean her oven. Really, I would!

However, I am feeling another cold coming on- ever since I fought off shingles in the late Fall, I have gotten a terrible cold every single month. I hate this winter. UGGH, it is not even winter any more, and I'm still getting winter colds! Now, that just ain't fair!

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tnt said...

Looks like you got some really nice things. I can see why you would offer to clean the oven.