Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Excitement in Downtown Lowell

So, I was craving some hot coffee and a focaccia bagel from "Olive That and More" this morning, so I wandered through the alleyway behind my building to the other side of the block... the street and the parking garage were all blocked off with police barrier tape. There were a lot of people standing around watching, and I quickly found out that there was a 'mysterious package' underneath a park bench. The dude with the big, green puffy bomb suit was on hand, walking over to the package like an astronaut on the moon. I stood around watching for a little while, and then my belly said, 'You know what would be better than standing around? Eating a bagel and drinking some coffee!" I obeyed. So then, I was back home, eating said breakfast, and suddenly I heard a man's voice shouting, "Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!" AND THEN??? A BIG BOOOOOOM! I kid you not. It was very exciting. AND, I was glad I had gone back home. Sure, it might have been exciting to actually see, but I liked being nice and safe at home rather than in the line of fire. I'm assuming it happened in a controlled manner, since I didn't hear rubble raining down afterwards or anything. They'll probably have something about it on the news tonight.
And people say that Lowell is boring. That shows what THEY know!!!


Cece said...

I just drove through downtown lowell (getting a tuner for my banjo) and thought of your 'bombing' story. Didn't see any 'fragments'.

Thanks for your donation to my walk!

sukeyknits said...

Crazy! Makes you wonder who left it. Who knew coffee could save you from "certain death"!

Amanda said...

Aah, yes. That is the magic of coffee. It brings life and helps to avert death. It also stains your teeth and gives you bad breath, but I think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.