Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jaywalker; and what I LIKE about running!

Don't worry, there are no pictures this time... don't want anyone to cringe every time I mention running! Now that I'm done with the bead crochet frenzy, I am back to the mate for my first Jaywalker sock. Yee haw!

And, although the weather has turned frosty again and it rained all day, I ran in a 5k this evening. It was the first of a 10 week series, and the race starts a couple of minutes from my house. TRES convenient. It was about 37 degrees and sleeting during the race, but I pulled a good one out of my butt and managed to finish in about 29:10, which is PHENOMENAL for me! It's good to have people to work on catching up with. I plan to run the race every week. Sweet.

Okay, time for a celebratory supper of some low fat pierogies. (Whoever heard of low fat pierogies? Whatever!) Ooh, speaking of food- I was in a pizza mood last night, and so I got one of those premade crusts and put on sauce, thinly sliced eggplant, garlic, and grape tomatoes with low fat mozzarella cheese.... less greasy and gross than restaurant pizza, and turned out super yummmm.

I'll post Jaywalker pics when I'm finished...


ljh said...

Can't wait to see the Pair together, good luck on your run next week - is it every Tuesday?


Amanda said...

Yes, the run is every Tuesday. It's extra nice because it's so close to my house!