Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jaywalkers complete, battling the sniffles.

Well, my lone Jaywalker sock now has a mate. These have a nice zebra thing going on, that I am quite enjoying! I am padding around my nice concrete floor (see picture) feeling nice and cozy. Aaaaah.

I am fighting off a cold. How am I fighting? I decided to go for the 'power of orange'. I am working on a 3 quart jug of orange juice, and believe it or not, my throat and sinuses don't hurt any more! I will make sure to try this method the next time I start to get a cold, just to make sure it's not a fluke... but this is much more delicious than those nose sprays and such!

I made my own chicken stock today! I have done other semi-adventurous cooking things that other people say that they haven't done (roasted a chicken, made tomato sauce from scratch, baked whole wheat bread, made gnocchi... I can't think of anything else off the top of my head... ooh, made meringue and folded it into a souffle- that was exciting!) Anyway, the chicken stock is nice and chickeny and the sad pile of leavings (floppy chicken parts, faded celery and carrots, wilted parsley and onions and so on) is sitting in a pan on my stove... not sure how to get rid of it without creating a drippy disaster... but I'll figure something out! I made the stock with the idea that tomorrow, I'll make this great sounding onion soup that I found in a Chinese cookbook- it involves FIVE different kinds of onions, which sounds simply sublime to me! This soup also involves scallops. MMMM. I also got stuff to make those great, puffy Chinese buns. I have no idea how they'll turn out, but I think it is worth a try. Bunn-y goodness. (The hyphen there is important- otherwise, it sounds like I am eating a bunny! Not that there's anything wrong with that; I just wouldn't want to mislead my faithful readers. You know, all 3 of you.)

I do not have a new knitting project in mind. I do, however, have a giant slew of beads that I need to do something with, so maybe I'll hit them up tomorrow. HOly smokes, I just thought of something!!! Wheeeee! I THINK I might have enough of this great purply mauve cashmerino left to make the "Odessa Hat" that I've been wanting to make. AND, since I am a beader, I just might have some beads I could use. Hmmmmmm... Investigation shall commence! EEEEEEEEE! (I will report back on progress at a later time/date)


ljh said...

My method with broth leavings - freeze them then put the in the garbage on garbage day - but not too early if you can help it.....Of course, you might have a dumpster like thing.....

I got the bracelets and they are SOOO pretty.


Cece said...

Oh.... I like those. Zebra goodness.