Sunday, April 09, 2006

Odessa hat; Onion Soup.

Well, the Odessa hat turned out just the way I hoped it had- the right size, plenty of beads and plenty of yarn! Wheeee!
I am currently making a five onion soup. My eyes have been watering for about 2 hours now! It's tastin' time... I'll be right back... **10 minutes elapsing** Oh. My. Goodness. It was like French onion soup but BETTER. It involved red onion, yellow onion, leeks, scallion, shallots, scallops, my homemade chicken stock, and seasonings. The scallops were rolled in coriander powder and steamed over curry water. I am a happy girl- full of onions, with a nice, new, soft, beaded hat! Now, I'm off to Lush Beads to do some bead crochet and to eat a brownie, evidently, that Liz is saving for me!

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And lime rickey goodness.