Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Resistance was futile.

So, I broke down and bought some yarn yesterday afternoon. I am (naturally) a subscriber to Interweave Knits, and have marked some of my favorite 'to do' patterns with little sticky flags. The Summer 2004 magazine had a pattern called the 'Gibson Girl Pullover', which is a fitted, long sleeve sweater with an allover lace pattern. The pattern is not like other lace I've done before, with the 'fancy stitches' on the right side and straight knitting or purling on the wrong side... there is 'fanciness' to be done on both sides, which keeps it very interesting. I picked a dark blue/green color in Classic Elite's yarn 'Provence', which I believe I have used before and liked.

I had a swatching fiasco last night due to partial tiredness... I didn't notice at first that the gauge instructions asked that you find the number of stitches over SIX inches rather than the usual FOUR. That, paired with my loosey goosey knitting, caused me to do about 6 swatch attempts before finally hitting it right. Then, this morning, I had to redo the FIRST ROW three times (three's the charm) before getting it right. Luckily, I got over whatever mental block I was having and was cruising along today. I am feeling too lazy to do pictures right now, and still don't know how to make words become highlighted and do the link-y thing (Cece? Since you're the 'expert', how about some help?)... so it's all just words today. How extremely boring. Total dullsville. ZZZZZ. But, at least it's a prelude to something interesting to come, right? :)

In other news, last night was week 3 of the Tuesday night 5k. And, I ran it in 28 minutes, 57 seconds, which was my fastest time so far on that course! Yippeeee! They give you a medal each time you set a personal course record, so I got to run up and jump up and down like a geek... no one else did... they all walked up and acted cool. NOT ME. And, I might add, I got a LOT of cheers for that silly behavior, which is just what I like. I am hoping I'll get another medal or two here and there... both because it's fun to be recognized, but even more that it is fun to be fast! I did have a couple of things work out for me in my favor... because I'm not working this week, I could eat well before the race so I didn't have a loaded down belly, and it was nice and cool out, which I like, and finally, one of the kids from my school just happened to see me running, and he was on rollerblades and rolled along with me for a while. It took my mind off things, and acted like a pace car or something. I offered him five bucks for either a piggyback or a loaner of the rollerblades... he declined graciously.

Well, back to the knitting... I am naturally a woman possessed!

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sukeyknits said...

Good job on the run! I don't know if I could even walk it. I asked Cec the same question and she declined to answer, but I figured it out pretty quickly. Before clicking on the hyperlink button you use to put in the link, highlight the word(s) you want to be "live", and than click the hyperlink button. That's it - good luck. (In case you don't know, the hyperlink button is the one next to the 'i' for italics, third one in - looks like a chain on top of the earth).