Monday, April 17, 2006


Beading Marathon Monday, AKA 50 FO day, was a success. I managed to make 32 pairs of earrings, 9 bracelets and 9 necklaces. I have managed to take a pic of my work table, (scary messy!) and all of the items I made today. I hate that the pictures don't show how nice some of the beads look, but my setup is not professional. So it goes. I also developed a blister on the pinky of my 'plier hand' from all of the wire bending and such. What a day.

Messy beading table: I find that everything mashed together helps me see combinations I wouldn't think of otherwise!

Here is the shot of all FO's from today:

And, shots of the four quadrants of the FO array:

The above pic shows some earrings made with cool river stones, which are really cool.
This one shows a few necklaces and earrings made with handmade lampwork beads from Grace Beads.
This one has some cool silver foil lined glass beads. Very summery.
Yes, the ear thread earrings helped bump up those FO numbers!

Well, this might not be a feat I attempt to accomplish very often, but it was certainly a productive day.


ljh said...

Hurrah! Congratulations! YOu are such a stud!

Ethel said...

Fantastic stuff!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!