Monday, April 10, 2006

Ugly buns; stash diving.

Here are the EXTREMELY ugly yet DEVASTATINGLY DELICIOUS Chinese buns I made yesterday. The dough is hideous looking, but tasted puffy and great just like in Chinese Dim Sum restaurants. The filling is ground chicken, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, white truffle oil, and other stuff I forget. The dough involved kneading and rising and the whole shebang.

Now that I have finished the Odessa hat, I again find myself without a knitting project. I am going to go stash diving again and see what I can see. Or, I could stop feeling overwhelmed by the giant number of beads I have and just start making new jewelry. Now, that would be smart! But diving it shall be for now.

Today was a weirdly quiet day at work where I basically felt like a high paid paperweight. Funny how I'm tired after a day like that... just as tired as if there was a lot of action. Hmm.

Okay, off to view the stash.

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