Friday, April 14, 2006


Okay, folks, today is the first day of a 10 day April vacation. I know that a lot of people think that teachers and other school employees are 'lucky'. However, please remember the post below where our kids lit a brush fire during school hours... and remember that I am the ONLY social worker at an alternative school. Over the past week, there have been two girl fights, several almost girl fights, three cell phones stolen, (and then confiscated by the principal, re-stolen out of her office and then sold to another student) two cases of assault against the principal, uncountable cases of 'shut the F up', 'get out of my F ing face you ugly F ing bitch' (to which I replied, "I might be a bitch, but don't you DARE call me ugly!"), numerous kids stomping out of class when all the teacher asked them to do was sit and do their work, kids throwing desks (and pencils, tennis balls, books and whatever else is handy), spitting, and a generous smattering of general mayhem. And who gets to deal with all of these unpleasant situations? Myself and the principal. When things get too ridiculous for the teachers, we step right on in. I am pooped. If teachers and school employees did not get ample vacations, trust me- there would be no one left to teach.

Okay, I'm done with that rant. 10 days off. Wheeee! I woke up right at 7 this morning. (ever noticed it's much harder to get up on time on a work day, but on a day off, you pop right awake? HATE that!) I did some laundry, lounged around a little (and did some bead crochet), then went for a run. It's getting warmer out, and now I remember that I tend to get overheated when it's warm out. Hmm.

In crafty news, I did try to do the stash diving thing the other night, but nothing sparked my creativity. For now, I am continuing on the bead crochet. No current pics. Over the vaca, I'm assuming I'll make a whole bunch of jewelry and will post some pictures then.

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sukeyknits said...

I don't know how you can deal with such chaos at school, but good for you (because I know I couldn't do it)! Hope you enjoy your break. I didn't know if I should tell you that I was me (and not a stranger), but cec told me you figured it out. And thanks for helping me kill more time with the next button...such a pal!