Tuesday, May 30, 2006

GREAT Weekend!

Well, for Memorial Day Weekend, I went up to my parents' place in NH, as I think I had previously mentioned. It was a gorgeous weekend- sunny, warm, and all that good stuff. It was me, sister, parents, and sometimes grandma- and I managed to get in a beautiful bike ride on Sunday... it is extremely hilly up there, and those 15 pounds I managed to lose since last summer were NOT missed at all! So long, losers! :)
It was sooooo nice to just relax, joke around with the family, and eat a LOT of my mom's homemade scones and muffins. She cooks much more healthfully than, say, a donut shoppe, but they still tasted so gooooood. I would like to credit all that carbo loading for my new PR at the Good Times run! Tonight, I ran the 5k in 27 1/2 minutes! Egad! AND, because tonight was the 'sandbagger's special', they did some funky math, subtracting the fastest woman's time from my fastest time, subtracted that difference from tonight's result... and I came in 3rd overall for the women! Oh my goodness, I have never come in 3rd in an athletic competition ever! I got a PR medal, a winner's pint glass, AND a coupon for a free beer! What a night!
I must say, I jumped around like a 5 year old on Christmas. And, Charlene, the woman I've made friends with over the past few weeks, also won a medal and set a PR. We were very happy, drinking our free drinks. Yippeeeeeee!
I will end tonight's post in a good mood. PLUS, only 15 more school days left! AND, I have yummy leftovers for dinner! Now, if only some extra handsome, successful, tall, funny, interesting guy would just randomly knock on my door... and not mind that I am currently a sweaty mess with beer breath... (actually, that second part would probably be a plus, eh?) Here's hoping! If it was ever going to happen, I swear, tonight would be the night!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

NOT a good week.

So, the river is still well above normal levels, but the flooded 5k route is now not flooded any more. However, in several sections, the riverwalk is covered in a 5 inch layer of sand/ gloopy mud. I will be curious to see how they deal with that on Tuesday night- will they have us run in the mud? (Ewwww!) Will they reroute the course? Will they cancel it again? Who can say? I do not have a Magic 8 Ball so can only guess. My guess is that they will reroute the course. You heard it here first.

So, on Thursday, I was given a letter stating that I do not have my job next year. This is most lousy. I would like to still have a job. The short version of the story is that a position is getting cut elsewhere, and that the person who currently holds that position has seniority over me, and was involuntarily placed into my job. What loveliness. The personnel director told me that she feels certain that I will get a job elsewhere in the system for next year, but she has no facts to back that up quite yet. Blaugh. I am attempting to maintain an optimistic outlook, but it is not the easiest.

In a veiled effort to take me out to feel better without actually saying that's what it was for, my coworkers suggested that we go out for a drink Friday after work. We went to a swell martini bar in my neighborhood. Our waitress arrived with a couple of nice, pink martinis, and her hands were shaking really badly. We were understanding, but gigglingly commenting that we were almost WEARING those drinks. Suddenly, there was a crash behind the bar, and our waitress had gone down to the floor and was having a seizure. It was awful. I really felt for her- she probably knew it was coming, but didn't want to screw up her new job (I hadn't seen her there before). She was probably just hoping it wouldn't actually happen. Someone called 911, and the ambulance came to take care of her. As a postscript, I walked by yesterday and saw that she was back at work, so she is okay. That is good, at least. It left me feeling pretty upset, though. I do hate to see someone suffering like that.

Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing coffee cravings, after successfully kicking a daily caffeine habit back in August. So, this weekend, I decided to detox from caffeine. Man, I was sooooo tired both on Saturday and Sunday! Like, 3 hour naps tired. Whoa. I also got the killer headache today, but am hoping it's all out of my system for tomorrow. Back to herbal tea for me!

I will see what I can do about not having any wretched posts like this again. I will try to focus on happier things. Ooh, ooh. I have something. My apartment had disintegrated to such a disarray as to forbid people to come into my apartment- it was REALLY bad. But today, I found the inspiration to do a bit of cleaning, and although it doesn't exactly belong in the pages of a magazine, I could definitely let someone in without wanting to hide under a rock. Or possibly a large dust bunny. I even cleaned out the humidifier to be packed away for the summer, and wiped down my yoga mat... which suffers quite a lot due to being taken to hot yoga five times a week...

I'm gonna go see what I can do about getting a good night's sleep. ZZZZZ.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Next Day

Well, I have good news- the river is dropping. I guess from a photojournalistic point of view, this could potentially be seen as bad news, but let's face it: Lowell being flooded is bad. I dressed better today, in more 'weather appropriate' clothes, so was out for longer. I took a few comparison photos, and ventured out further. I must confess that at a lot of points, I just didn't have the guts and/ or the heart to take the pictures I wanted to. There were sandbagged roadblocks guarded by either the police or the National Guard, and they looked cranky, so I didn't have the guts to take their pictures. On the North side of the river in the neighborhood known as Pawtucketville, I saw a lot of flooded out homes, but I just felt way too voyeuristic to stop and take photos. I mean, those are people's homes, inside which all of their belongings are destroyed. The last thing that they (or their neighbors) need to see is some snotty person taking a picture of their misfortune. To give you an idea of the water levels, I saw a back yard with a swingset in it, and the swings were well underwater. The main road running on the north side of the river upstream from the dam was completely flooded out, and the side streets running northward were closed to traffic. I was on a more northward road running parallel to the river, and could look down the side streets: they were flooded.

Before I show the pics from today, here are a couple from yesterday afternoon. I got a couple of quick shots of the beginning of the 5k course, where you'll see that the sign featured in a couple of yesterday's shots is slightly more submerged- the water level rose a bit over the day yesterday:
And yes, yesterday was a nice day to be a duck: (more ducks later)
And now, onto today's photos. The water level has dropped. Notice the sign from above, and the 'muck level':
I then checked out "Renaissance On The River" again. The parking lot looks a bit better:
And in the back of the building, you can see both the handrails again:
The above photo was taken from the Aiken Street Bridge. The walkway you can see (okay, it IS submerged in water) goes under the bridge and pops out here- again, the muck level shows how much the water has receded:

Next, a new shot of the 'whatever it is station'. The University Ave Bridge is in the background:
Next, I zipped over to the School Street Bridge for a look at the dam. The news crews were out in force:
And here is a collection of photos of the dam itself, in all of its brown-watered glory. Lots more people were out today... probably because it wasn't raining!
This last one shows a paint line on the brick building with the number 102 on it. Is it 102 feet from the bottom of the falls? I'd probably guess not, so I guess it's 102 inches? I'd entertain guesses, both of the educated and of the uneducated variety.
At this point in my journey, I pedaled toward the area on Pawtucket Boulevard that was closed down. I had to take the back way, and passed all of those side streets. It was really quite something, to look down the streets and see street after street just disappear into the waterline. On the other end of the flooded section of the Boulevard was the Rourke Bridge. A small section of road was open so that you could get to the bridge, but the road was closed continuing on upstream.
Nice day for a duck, part 2:
The view from the Rourke Bridge didn't really show anything unusually different or exciting, but the pedestrian 'tunnel' merits photographing:
Very prison-y. down at the end is a dude in head to toe red and black Gore Tex. I don't know what he was expecting to encounter, but whatever it was, he was prepared. He was also wearing those 'glacier sunglasses' with the leather shields on the side to protect him from glacier glare. Good thing, with all that sun we've been having around here.
Some other basic info: They have not yet turned off the water, although all day yesterday various rumors were flying around. Downtown is expected to be safe, since they shut the gate that closes off the water supply to the downtown canals. There is more rain on the way. School was canceled again today. It is not sunny. Lately, my milk has been spoiling faster than it should. Oh, wait... that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, does it?
I'm guessing that the river is going to continue to recede, although it will do so more slowly than we'd hope BECAUSE IT'S STILL RAINING! Blaugh. I also hope that they will NOT turn off the water, although even if they do, I can always shower at yoga, and my tub is full of 'toilet flushing water'.
To be honest, not much else is going on around here. I did manage to finally read The DaVinci Code last night, so now I can go see the movie and have a good comparison to work from. Well, I'll go see it if it gets good reviews... otherwise, forget it!
Okay, over and out for now...

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Lord Told Noah to Build Him an Arky Arky

Folks, it's raining in New England. My town decided to close school because of the flooding! So, what's a school social worker to do? Well, I do get to go and get a shot later today (fun and excitement, oh my!), but for the moment, it's not raining, so I'm going to take my trusty fixed gear bicycle around and go look at the river to see what's what. Maybe I'll even find a flooded street or two.

(Three Hours Later, post bike ride, shower, and breakfast at the Club Diner...)

Well, of course, as soon as I left the house, it started to rain. I doggedly pressed on, on my bicycle, and got some amazing views of the river. I'm sure, as usual, the photos don't do the view justice.

Photo 1: My fixed gear bicycle. She and I first checked out the canals, which frequently are empty. Today, they looked a little different.
Photo 2: This canal is frequently empty, with a lovely mud bottom and many garbagy items in view. Today, this small opening would not even be enough for a canoer to get under, even ducking down.
Photo 3: I guess our 5k will be cancelled tomorrow night... this is usually a winding path down to the riverside walkway. The outside railing is gone completely, and part of the inside railing is missing as well. This shows the beginning of the winding path, and part of the railing. Photo 4: A closeup of the sign we usually run by... it is taller than my head, I think... I would have gone swimming for my loyal viewers, but didn't want to die before getting home to post the pictures.
Pictures 5 & 6: Closeups of the railing alongside the walkway by the river. One side is totally gone, and one side is missing a chunk. As this was my first stop for photos, I was very freaked out and took a lot of pictures. I mean, I run on that walkway all the time!!!
Picture 7: From the Bridge Street Bridge. This is a picture of the backside of Boott Mills. I could see through that window, and construction is happening in there. Thank goodness they are way behind schedule, otherwise that would be some sad owner's shiny new condo. I'm assuming that the spiky gate is a good 8-10 feet tall in real life, and I believe there's a walkway somewhere down there, that is usually very safely out of the way of the river.Picture 8: I was horrified at this one. This is a picture of the parking lot at Renaissance at the River. I didn't get my camera out fast enough, but there was a man being rescued by a big pickup truck. I'm assuming they had to evacuate the building, as there is no way out, and I hear that the river is going to rise another 8 feet by tonight. You can see the ramp to the left of the car that leads to the main entryway... ain't no one getting in unless they get a LITTLE wet...
Picture 9: The other side of the building. I am heartsick for all of the people who just moved into this newly renovated building. It is not in a normal 'flood zone', so I wonder if they had insurance appropriate to cover the damage. By my estimation, the water level is right around the floor level of the first floor, and is completely covering the basement. Again, you can see the railing for the riverside boardwalk. We also run along this for the race- it is a continuation of the handrail you saw before. Picture 10: The last picture was taken from the Aiken Street Bridge. Here is the pathway that runs below the bridge, from Lelacheur Park and behind the Renaissance on the River. This is where the waterstop for the race usually is!Picture 11: The path was above water to the left of the last picture. But man oh man, the water was crazy upstream! I got this one behind the UMass Lowell dorms. The picture does not give an accurate idea of the height of the swells. I do not think a good swimmer or kayaker would enjoy this, although at least all of the rocks are well below the surface...Picture 12: Just upstream, I got a shot of this, whatever it is... In the background is the University Ave. Bridge.
Picture 13: A picture from atop University Ave. Bridge, of the 'whatever it is' station.
Picture 14: General water shot from same bridge.
Picture 15: Last but not least, the Pawtucket Falls Dam. Can you see the dam? No? Funny, because usually you can see the 20-30 foot drop, rickety boards poking out and all. Today, all you can see is a scary swell of water indicating where the dam is. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Seriously, take a moment to consider what you're looking at- that bump of water is the only indication that there is a 20-30 foot drop underneath. That roiling water is THAT HIGH. No wonder they are worrying that things are going to get worse before they get better.
At this point in my tour, I had been in the rain for an hour. Because it had not been raining before I left, I was not well dressed and was getting cold. I could see far up the river that the 'Boulevard' was also completely covered. I might nip back down to one or two of the spots for an update later this afternoon, for comparison. They are saying that downtown (where yours truly lives) might actually get flooded, and that they are considering shutting off Lowell's water supply. We'll see what happens.

I'm glad I did my little trek this morning. I will post updates if I get any!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Events of the Weekend (so far)

Well, last night was extremely unexciting but was just what I wanted... after work, I went out to the "Knickerbocker Club", which is a local, private/ guests bar. It was selected by the principal at our school, who is a born and raised local and whose brothers and nephews evidently drink there. We were definitely given the hairy eyeball, and I managed to use yoga as an excuse to leave early. They would not let us sit in the dining area and directed us toward the 'dart room', which had some cigarette ash - covered tables for our lounging enjoyment. They would not let us start a drink tab and basically ignored us. It didn't bother me any, since I knew I was leaving early, which I did. Ha ha. The additional downside to this place was that because it's considered a private club, smoking is allowed, so I got to sweat out cigarette smoke during yoga. Extra gross.

Today, there were three bead shows within reasonable driving distance of home, but I went with the International Gem and Jewelry Show and the Intergalactic Bead Show (or, unfortunately, IBS for short), and managed to get some good stuff which is evidently not very photogenic so there will be no picture. This trip was followed by a nap on the bed with no sheets because I was going to do laundry, not take a nap... but these things happen sometimes. I then strolled over to the bead store to visit Lizzie, (you know, instead of doing laundry) and then we went to eat Indian food (again, no laundry). So now, I'm sitting here writing the events of the day (rather than doing laundry) and am going to have to put the dirty sheets back onto the bed before sleep tonight, because I'm going out again to watch a play! My sister's ex boyfriend is going to be in it, so that ought to be interesting, for sure.

Oh. The most horrible thing ever happened to me last night while I was sleeping! Okay, I'm sure I could come up with worse things, but it didn't seem so at the time. I woke up because I got a horrible charlie horse in my right calf muscle! My leg was all bent and twisted and quivering and it hurt sooooo bad. I was asleep and in pain and trying to figure out what to do about it and my leg would not straighten and it was shaking because it hurt so bad and after a bit, I thought to myself, "Well, I should just go back to sleep with it like this because it's not going to get any better..." Yeah right! So, I finally got my leg to straighten and worked on the calf for a while.... it was horrible. Then I was scared to go back to sleep, you know, in case it happened again, but it didn't. It hurt a couple of times today, and hurts in general... ouchie! I guess I didn't drink enough water after yoga last night. Gotta work on that, I guess.

Tomorrow is Mother's day. I will get to see Mom, Dad, Grandma, sister Liz, and Liz's boyfriend Markos. Liz is whom I want to see the most because she is going to move far away and I like her a lot. We are sisters, but we are also friends. It is swell. (insert hearts and flowers here)

Okay, so I convinced Lizzie (confusing, too many Lizzes- Liz = sister, Lizzie = bead store owner) to go out for Indian food with me this evening. There's a good place right near my house (and therefore right near the bead store), so we had a lovely meal. She and I have similar senses of humor... for instance, we were both dressed like slobs, and I whispered to her, "Lizzie, I am not wearing a B-R-A!" (I spelled it out) and then we both laughed ridiculously. Another good example is that I took some of the beads from her wall that were white and dagger shaped and put them up to my mouth, and proceeded to act like a dinosaur. There were other people around, but somehow, we were the only two laughing so hard we were crying. Honestly, it WAS funny! (I wish I had a picture of THAT, for sure...) So anyway, after dinner, we had our leftovers boxed up to go, and the dude brought it out in one big bag. I took mine out, which he noticed, and he went and got me another bag.... but check out the bag he brought for me:

Now, you might be confused. You might think, "Surely there must be POPCORN in that bag!!!" but no, you would be sorely mistaken. Do NOT take this bag with you to the movies, because instead of popcorn, you will find a lovely box full of lentils and rice. Not popcorny at all. This was especially funny in light of the fact that the original leftovers bag was a nice, brown bag with handles and everything. The gentleman who was helping us took his time folding down the top of the popcorn bag- just so- and the whole time, Lizzie and I were trying to stay all serious. It didn't work that well.

Okay, now to talk about knitting. I believe that the Gibson Girl is dry, but now I need the time to put together the pieces. I hate finishing pieces, sewing seams and the like... but I always end up getting around to it. Miss Clappy is now about 3 feet long and is chugging away. I really enjoy doing a project where I get to purposely drop an entire row of stitches and pull them out, and for that, I recommend this pattern to all. I heart Miss Clappy. I might also add that I have named very few of my knitted items. If any knitted items DESERVE a name, the below might qualify:

OR NOT. AUUUUUGH! Blogger has told me now six times that my images uploaded successfully. Well, unless I am missing something, they have not! I guess I'll have to try another time. Stupid Blogger. Grrrr.

So, one last thing. It has been raining a lot lately and my dad sent me a picture of a hill near their driveway. Please note the handmade moose that my brother, sister and I made for my parents' anniversary a couple of years ago. It is very cool.

So, it appears that it is raining quite a lot up there, and that the moose is surviving the storm. That is good, because he fell down once in a big snowstorm. Poor moose. Interesting how I had no problem with the moose pic, but that the other pics wouldn't upload. So it goes...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

(My mom's gonna love this title)

I've got the CLAP!

Those of you who know what I'm talking about, already know that I'm referring to the Clapotis shawl/ scarf, not the mysterious STD... I had been toying with the idea of using my Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn to make a scarf sized Clapotis, but didn't want to blog about it until it looked like it would work and that I'd have enough yarn to make it worthwhile to knit. For some reason, I didn't feel like blogging about a failure... I'm still stinging from the Argyle Vest situation. (by the way, if you ever run into a 6'5" woman who looks to be about a size 12- you know, skinny for her height- let me know. I have a vest for her!)
So, anyway, here is a photo of my progress:

Yes, it is a very bright and cheery colorway. It's about 1 1/2 feet long so far. I only started last night, but had a 3 hour long social work staff meeting today, which is prime knitting time, as far as I'm concerned. There is one other woman who knits, but our styles are pretty different. She appears to focus strictly on baby items, made out of shiny, acrilic, fuzzy, pastel yarn. It even LOOKS squeaky! Ewwww. It is making my tongue shiver just thinking about it. I know... why my tongue? I have no idea. But, I'm willing to bet you know exactly what I'm talking about, now, don't you!!!

Even though it's May 11, I saw my breath this morning when walking to my car. And with weather.com stating that we will have clouds and rain for the forseeable future (which lasts 10 days, according to weather.com), I just might get to use little Miss Clappy before summer comes!

And, in case you were wondering, the Gibson Girl is still drying. With all of this damp weather, I'm not sure the yarn is certain as to whether it should dry, or whether it should stay kinda damp... for the next 500 years or so. As long as it dries before it develops that 'moldy' smell... that happens to my gym clothes if I hang them for too long- I always throw exercise clothes in the sink with some Woolite right away- who wants smelly gym clothes in with the regular laundry? Not this gal. Onion skin on the kitchen floor? No problem. Empty ripped envelopes lying in the general proximity of the garbage can? I won't bat an eyelash. Wearing clean clothes out of the nicely folded pile of laundry (rather than having to actually put my clothes away)? Cool, dude. But smelly gym clothes? Unacceptable! Plus, I have been working out a lot and don't have a ton of gym clothes, so I either have to keep them washed... or put on smelly gym clothes... which I have done in a pinch, and let me tell you... nothing is quite as gross... except for perhaps having to put on SOMEONE ELSE'S sweaty gym clothes! Which I can honestly say I have never done. You KNOW I'd tell you if I had! And that is one of the things you like about me, right???

Okay, this post has clearly reached a saturation level of knitting updates, and personal information about my gross habits. I should probably cut my losses at this point. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finally blocking!

I have made clear how I feel about blocking: I do not like it, Sam I am. I like it less than green eggs and ham.... which I would probably like just fine, I'm sure! So, I am currently soaking little miss Gibson Girl Pullover in the sink and will be blocking her momentarily. Once I have her all pinned out, I shall take a picture and place it below, like so:

It looks a little weird in this picture... the lace is more see through than it is in real life. I look forward to finishing so I can get someone to take a pic of me in it. :)

Now, we wait for it to dry. (and wait, and wait, and wait...)

Now that I can't knit on this, I potentially could start something else. However, I don't really have some yarn on deck with a project attached to it. And my 'brain wheels' aren't really spinning so fast tonight...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Runnin' in the Rain

Well, as I have previously mentioned, I have been participating in a weekly 5k race on Tuesday nights. Tonight was the sixth one, and I set another personal best, at 28:11! Yahooooo! It is also the fifth of six Tuesday nights that has been cold and rainy. Brrrrrr. So it goes.

In knitting news, I have now finished the sleeves and the front and back for the Gibson Girl Pullover, but I hate blocking (all those stupid pins... plus, I always have to block on the floor, which involves squatting and kneeling on a concrete floor) and am at an "I don't wanna" stage. Meh.

I had a fantastically great weekend. Friday evening, I went to yoga (again- I have become addicted and I like it!), and went to bed when I felt like it. Saturday, I got up and went to a glass bead show, which was cool. It's like an art show, but with all beads... because handmade lampwork beads are so pretty! I got back to Lowell and went out to eat with my friends Chris and Christine, who have a new baby named Max, who was born on my birthday. He is cute:

And, in that picture, he is wearing a cute, tiny little crocheted hat made by yours truly. After lunch with the new happy family, I walked around checkin' out some cool old historical buildings around Lowell, that were open for "Doors Open Lowell". Later in the evening, it was over to the bead store for a two year anniversary party.

On Sunday, I managed to drag my buns out of bed early enough to go for a 45 minute 'jog' before meeting up with Liz (the best sister EVER) for breakfast. Jog is in quotes because I was going so slowly that I was sure I was going backwards! Liz and I met up at the Rosebud Cafe in Davis Square, where the wait staff is grouchy and sassy. Our waitress referred to my breakfast meat as 'snausages', which made us immediately decide to tip her extra well. We took some time planning out our trip to Eastern Europe this summer, and Liz was getting mildly irritated because I kept mispronouncing the name of a town wrong to make it sound funny. It's just one of the things I do, I guess.
After breakfast and coffee, I went to a couple of the artist studio buildings in Somerville as part of Somerville Open Studios. I got an offer from a jewelry maker to teach me how to work with metal (silver, gold, etc) for a lot cheaper than what you'd pay at an official place that gives classes. Maybe I'll tuck that under my cap for this summer!
THEN, I went to yoga. My new favorite thing. FINALLY, I ended the night at Cece's house where we knit and watched t.v. after a yummy baked chicken dinner. Deeeelicious.
Yes, that concluded my fantastic weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and I loved everything I got to do. It is not often that I have a weekend quite like that, but I do enjoy them when they come along.
And now, for sleep. Good night!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things That Irritate Me

1. Students that are purposefully trying to irritate me. Exhibit A: We shall call him "Jerkface". He was sent to my office because he was refusing to do his classwork. This is the student who, after returning from court one day (for charges you'll be able to guess about after the rest of this story), sat in class, was asked to do work, said to the teacher, 'Fuck you, bitch!', then picked up a chair/desk combo and threw it across the room. Funny- he won't speak English, but managed to get that particular sentence out just fine! So, flash back forward to today. I decided to play the 'ignore the jerkface and see if he'll just be quiet' game. He caught on quickly to my wily ways, and started tapping his foot as loudly as it is possible to tap without actually stomping. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then, wily as he is, he realized that this was not going to get a reaction out of me, so he started ripping up his work. I quietly got up and took it from him and sat back down. Then, he started punching and banging on his desk as loudly as he could, and THIS didn't stop for about a half hour. At this point, I was ready to launch him out of the window, but I continued to ignore him. Finally, he gave up and put his head down and fell fast asleep. After a while, I faked a loud sneeze, but he didn't even move. I called the principal up and she took a photo for his file. Anyway, that is thing #1 for today that irritates me. There is only an Exhibit A for this- the other examples from today are so ridiculous, I'd rather not relive them... until returning to work tomorrow, that is...

2. Guys who think that if you speak nicely to them, that you must desire intercourse immediately or something. (In other words, the 'no wonder you're still single' guys!) Exhibit A: A nameless 25 year old young man from a country where they breed fast runners who, in the span of a week, has tried to buy me a beer, (I declined) insisted that I buy HIM a beer, (again, I declined), asked me how we were going to get to know each other better if I wouldn't talk to him, (I told him he was lucky I ever talked to him at all) and then tried to get me to drive him somewhere. (Yes, folks, I DEFINITELY declined!) I made the mistake of speaking in a friendly tone to this fellow a couple of weeks ago, and am now paying the price. I met him at the weekly 5k race that I do, and I tried to duck out of the celebratory festivities post race, and he followed me out, angry that I had left without saying goodbye. GOOD GRIEF!!! Exhibit B: A dude who evidently used to date one of my Team EnVision teammates saw me on Match.com and wrote to me. Silly me; I wrote back. Within the span of about 10 minutes, he had emailed me about eight times, stating that I was a very sexy dancer, (I am!) that I must have been VERY drunk at the party he met me at (I actually was not- I drove to that party and do NOT drink and drive), and that he likes tall women. (Well, DUH! EVERYONE likes tall women!) It is evidently dangerous to talk to human males these days. Very dangerous indeed. Guys like these are why I am single. Congratulations to all of you gals out there who snapped up a good one while they were still available!

3. Laundry. Enough said.

There. I think a list of three is a list of a nice length. I'll leave it at that for today. Now, I am going to muster up the energy to knit on that second sleeve to the Gibson Girl Pullover. Really I am.