Saturday, May 13, 2006

Events of the Weekend (so far)

Well, last night was extremely unexciting but was just what I wanted... after work, I went out to the "Knickerbocker Club", which is a local, private/ guests bar. It was selected by the principal at our school, who is a born and raised local and whose brothers and nephews evidently drink there. We were definitely given the hairy eyeball, and I managed to use yoga as an excuse to leave early. They would not let us sit in the dining area and directed us toward the 'dart room', which had some cigarette ash - covered tables for our lounging enjoyment. They would not let us start a drink tab and basically ignored us. It didn't bother me any, since I knew I was leaving early, which I did. Ha ha. The additional downside to this place was that because it's considered a private club, smoking is allowed, so I got to sweat out cigarette smoke during yoga. Extra gross.

Today, there were three bead shows within reasonable driving distance of home, but I went with the International Gem and Jewelry Show and the Intergalactic Bead Show (or, unfortunately, IBS for short), and managed to get some good stuff which is evidently not very photogenic so there will be no picture. This trip was followed by a nap on the bed with no sheets because I was going to do laundry, not take a nap... but these things happen sometimes. I then strolled over to the bead store to visit Lizzie, (you know, instead of doing laundry) and then we went to eat Indian food (again, no laundry). So now, I'm sitting here writing the events of the day (rather than doing laundry) and am going to have to put the dirty sheets back onto the bed before sleep tonight, because I'm going out again to watch a play! My sister's ex boyfriend is going to be in it, so that ought to be interesting, for sure.

Oh. The most horrible thing ever happened to me last night while I was sleeping! Okay, I'm sure I could come up with worse things, but it didn't seem so at the time. I woke up because I got a horrible charlie horse in my right calf muscle! My leg was all bent and twisted and quivering and it hurt sooooo bad. I was asleep and in pain and trying to figure out what to do about it and my leg would not straighten and it was shaking because it hurt so bad and after a bit, I thought to myself, "Well, I should just go back to sleep with it like this because it's not going to get any better..." Yeah right! So, I finally got my leg to straighten and worked on the calf for a while.... it was horrible. Then I was scared to go back to sleep, you know, in case it happened again, but it didn't. It hurt a couple of times today, and hurts in general... ouchie! I guess I didn't drink enough water after yoga last night. Gotta work on that, I guess.

Tomorrow is Mother's day. I will get to see Mom, Dad, Grandma, sister Liz, and Liz's boyfriend Markos. Liz is whom I want to see the most because she is going to move far away and I like her a lot. We are sisters, but we are also friends. It is swell. (insert hearts and flowers here)

Okay, so I convinced Lizzie (confusing, too many Lizzes- Liz = sister, Lizzie = bead store owner) to go out for Indian food with me this evening. There's a good place right near my house (and therefore right near the bead store), so we had a lovely meal. She and I have similar senses of humor... for instance, we were both dressed like slobs, and I whispered to her, "Lizzie, I am not wearing a B-R-A!" (I spelled it out) and then we both laughed ridiculously. Another good example is that I took some of the beads from her wall that were white and dagger shaped and put them up to my mouth, and proceeded to act like a dinosaur. There were other people around, but somehow, we were the only two laughing so hard we were crying. Honestly, it WAS funny! (I wish I had a picture of THAT, for sure...) So anyway, after dinner, we had our leftovers boxed up to go, and the dude brought it out in one big bag. I took mine out, which he noticed, and he went and got me another bag.... but check out the bag he brought for me:

Now, you might be confused. You might think, "Surely there must be POPCORN in that bag!!!" but no, you would be sorely mistaken. Do NOT take this bag with you to the movies, because instead of popcorn, you will find a lovely box full of lentils and rice. Not popcorny at all. This was especially funny in light of the fact that the original leftovers bag was a nice, brown bag with handles and everything. The gentleman who was helping us took his time folding down the top of the popcorn bag- just so- and the whole time, Lizzie and I were trying to stay all serious. It didn't work that well.

Okay, now to talk about knitting. I believe that the Gibson Girl is dry, but now I need the time to put together the pieces. I hate finishing pieces, sewing seams and the like... but I always end up getting around to it. Miss Clappy is now about 3 feet long and is chugging away. I really enjoy doing a project where I get to purposely drop an entire row of stitches and pull them out, and for that, I recommend this pattern to all. I heart Miss Clappy. I might also add that I have named very few of my knitted items. If any knitted items DESERVE a name, the below might qualify:

OR NOT. AUUUUUGH! Blogger has told me now six times that my images uploaded successfully. Well, unless I am missing something, they have not! I guess I'll have to try another time. Stupid Blogger. Grrrr.

So, one last thing. It has been raining a lot lately and my dad sent me a picture of a hill near their driveway. Please note the handmade moose that my brother, sister and I made for my parents' anniversary a couple of years ago. It is very cool.

So, it appears that it is raining quite a lot up there, and that the moose is surviving the storm. That is good, because he fell down once in a big snowstorm. Poor moose. Interesting how I had no problem with the moose pic, but that the other pics wouldn't upload. So it goes...

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Beady Liz said...

I can't believe you took a photo of the POPCORN BAG, haha. Could that man have packed and folded it any more deliberately and slowly? Good grief!

I have heartburn from hell. I've taken 5 tums in the last 3 hours. Can you die from too many Tums?? (not.)