Tuesday, May 30, 2006

GREAT Weekend!

Well, for Memorial Day Weekend, I went up to my parents' place in NH, as I think I had previously mentioned. It was a gorgeous weekend- sunny, warm, and all that good stuff. It was me, sister, parents, and sometimes grandma- and I managed to get in a beautiful bike ride on Sunday... it is extremely hilly up there, and those 15 pounds I managed to lose since last summer were NOT missed at all! So long, losers! :)
It was sooooo nice to just relax, joke around with the family, and eat a LOT of my mom's homemade scones and muffins. She cooks much more healthfully than, say, a donut shoppe, but they still tasted so gooooood. I would like to credit all that carbo loading for my new PR at the Good Times run! Tonight, I ran the 5k in 27 1/2 minutes! Egad! AND, because tonight was the 'sandbagger's special', they did some funky math, subtracting the fastest woman's time from my fastest time, subtracted that difference from tonight's result... and I came in 3rd overall for the women! Oh my goodness, I have never come in 3rd in an athletic competition ever! I got a PR medal, a winner's pint glass, AND a coupon for a free beer! What a night!
I must say, I jumped around like a 5 year old on Christmas. And, Charlene, the woman I've made friends with over the past few weeks, also won a medal and set a PR. We were very happy, drinking our free drinks. Yippeeeeeee!
I will end tonight's post in a good mood. PLUS, only 15 more school days left! AND, I have yummy leftovers for dinner! Now, if only some extra handsome, successful, tall, funny, interesting guy would just randomly knock on my door... and not mind that I am currently a sweaty mess with beer breath... (actually, that second part would probably be a plus, eh?) Here's hoping! If it was ever going to happen, I swear, tonight would be the night!

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