Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Next Day

Well, I have good news- the river is dropping. I guess from a photojournalistic point of view, this could potentially be seen as bad news, but let's face it: Lowell being flooded is bad. I dressed better today, in more 'weather appropriate' clothes, so was out for longer. I took a few comparison photos, and ventured out further. I must confess that at a lot of points, I just didn't have the guts and/ or the heart to take the pictures I wanted to. There were sandbagged roadblocks guarded by either the police or the National Guard, and they looked cranky, so I didn't have the guts to take their pictures. On the North side of the river in the neighborhood known as Pawtucketville, I saw a lot of flooded out homes, but I just felt way too voyeuristic to stop and take photos. I mean, those are people's homes, inside which all of their belongings are destroyed. The last thing that they (or their neighbors) need to see is some snotty person taking a picture of their misfortune. To give you an idea of the water levels, I saw a back yard with a swingset in it, and the swings were well underwater. The main road running on the north side of the river upstream from the dam was completely flooded out, and the side streets running northward were closed to traffic. I was on a more northward road running parallel to the river, and could look down the side streets: they were flooded.

Before I show the pics from today, here are a couple from yesterday afternoon. I got a couple of quick shots of the beginning of the 5k course, where you'll see that the sign featured in a couple of yesterday's shots is slightly more submerged- the water level rose a bit over the day yesterday:
And yes, yesterday was a nice day to be a duck: (more ducks later)
And now, onto today's photos. The water level has dropped. Notice the sign from above, and the 'muck level':
I then checked out "Renaissance On The River" again. The parking lot looks a bit better:
And in the back of the building, you can see both the handrails again:
The above photo was taken from the Aiken Street Bridge. The walkway you can see (okay, it IS submerged in water) goes under the bridge and pops out here- again, the muck level shows how much the water has receded:

Next, a new shot of the 'whatever it is station'. The University Ave Bridge is in the background:
Next, I zipped over to the School Street Bridge for a look at the dam. The news crews were out in force:
And here is a collection of photos of the dam itself, in all of its brown-watered glory. Lots more people were out today... probably because it wasn't raining!
This last one shows a paint line on the brick building with the number 102 on it. Is it 102 feet from the bottom of the falls? I'd probably guess not, so I guess it's 102 inches? I'd entertain guesses, both of the educated and of the uneducated variety.
At this point in my journey, I pedaled toward the area on Pawtucket Boulevard that was closed down. I had to take the back way, and passed all of those side streets. It was really quite something, to look down the streets and see street after street just disappear into the waterline. On the other end of the flooded section of the Boulevard was the Rourke Bridge. A small section of road was open so that you could get to the bridge, but the road was closed continuing on upstream.
Nice day for a duck, part 2:
The view from the Rourke Bridge didn't really show anything unusually different or exciting, but the pedestrian 'tunnel' merits photographing:
Very prison-y. down at the end is a dude in head to toe red and black Gore Tex. I don't know what he was expecting to encounter, but whatever it was, he was prepared. He was also wearing those 'glacier sunglasses' with the leather shields on the side to protect him from glacier glare. Good thing, with all that sun we've been having around here.
Some other basic info: They have not yet turned off the water, although all day yesterday various rumors were flying around. Downtown is expected to be safe, since they shut the gate that closes off the water supply to the downtown canals. There is more rain on the way. School was canceled again today. It is not sunny. Lately, my milk has been spoiling faster than it should. Oh, wait... that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, does it?
I'm guessing that the river is going to continue to recede, although it will do so more slowly than we'd hope BECAUSE IT'S STILL RAINING! Blaugh. I also hope that they will NOT turn off the water, although even if they do, I can always shower at yoga, and my tub is full of 'toilet flushing water'.
To be honest, not much else is going on around here. I did manage to finally read The DaVinci Code last night, so now I can go see the movie and have a good comparison to work from. Well, I'll go see it if it gets good reviews... otherwise, forget it!
Okay, over and out for now...

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