Sunday, May 21, 2006

NOT a good week.

So, the river is still well above normal levels, but the flooded 5k route is now not flooded any more. However, in several sections, the riverwalk is covered in a 5 inch layer of sand/ gloopy mud. I will be curious to see how they deal with that on Tuesday night- will they have us run in the mud? (Ewwww!) Will they reroute the course? Will they cancel it again? Who can say? I do not have a Magic 8 Ball so can only guess. My guess is that they will reroute the course. You heard it here first.

So, on Thursday, I was given a letter stating that I do not have my job next year. This is most lousy. I would like to still have a job. The short version of the story is that a position is getting cut elsewhere, and that the person who currently holds that position has seniority over me, and was involuntarily placed into my job. What loveliness. The personnel director told me that she feels certain that I will get a job elsewhere in the system for next year, but she has no facts to back that up quite yet. Blaugh. I am attempting to maintain an optimistic outlook, but it is not the easiest.

In a veiled effort to take me out to feel better without actually saying that's what it was for, my coworkers suggested that we go out for a drink Friday after work. We went to a swell martini bar in my neighborhood. Our waitress arrived with a couple of nice, pink martinis, and her hands were shaking really badly. We were understanding, but gigglingly commenting that we were almost WEARING those drinks. Suddenly, there was a crash behind the bar, and our waitress had gone down to the floor and was having a seizure. It was awful. I really felt for her- she probably knew it was coming, but didn't want to screw up her new job (I hadn't seen her there before). She was probably just hoping it wouldn't actually happen. Someone called 911, and the ambulance came to take care of her. As a postscript, I walked by yesterday and saw that she was back at work, so she is okay. That is good, at least. It left me feeling pretty upset, though. I do hate to see someone suffering like that.

Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing coffee cravings, after successfully kicking a daily caffeine habit back in August. So, this weekend, I decided to detox from caffeine. Man, I was sooooo tired both on Saturday and Sunday! Like, 3 hour naps tired. Whoa. I also got the killer headache today, but am hoping it's all out of my system for tomorrow. Back to herbal tea for me!

I will see what I can do about not having any wretched posts like this again. I will try to focus on happier things. Ooh, ooh. I have something. My apartment had disintegrated to such a disarray as to forbid people to come into my apartment- it was REALLY bad. But today, I found the inspiration to do a bit of cleaning, and although it doesn't exactly belong in the pages of a magazine, I could definitely let someone in without wanting to hide under a rock. Or possibly a large dust bunny. I even cleaned out the humidifier to be packed away for the summer, and wiped down my yoga mat... which suffers quite a lot due to being taken to hot yoga five times a week...

I'm gonna go see what I can do about getting a good night's sleep. ZZZZZ.

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Beady Liz said...

I'm sorry you had such a crappy week. I hope you had a little fun with us on Sunday!