Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Runnin' in the Rain

Well, as I have previously mentioned, I have been participating in a weekly 5k race on Tuesday nights. Tonight was the sixth one, and I set another personal best, at 28:11! Yahooooo! It is also the fifth of six Tuesday nights that has been cold and rainy. Brrrrrr. So it goes.

In knitting news, I have now finished the sleeves and the front and back for the Gibson Girl Pullover, but I hate blocking (all those stupid pins... plus, I always have to block on the floor, which involves squatting and kneeling on a concrete floor) and am at an "I don't wanna" stage. Meh.

I had a fantastically great weekend. Friday evening, I went to yoga (again- I have become addicted and I like it!), and went to bed when I felt like it. Saturday, I got up and went to a glass bead show, which was cool. It's like an art show, but with all beads... because handmade lampwork beads are so pretty! I got back to Lowell and went out to eat with my friends Chris and Christine, who have a new baby named Max, who was born on my birthday. He is cute:

And, in that picture, he is wearing a cute, tiny little crocheted hat made by yours truly. After lunch with the new happy family, I walked around checkin' out some cool old historical buildings around Lowell, that were open for "Doors Open Lowell". Later in the evening, it was over to the bead store for a two year anniversary party.

On Sunday, I managed to drag my buns out of bed early enough to go for a 45 minute 'jog' before meeting up with Liz (the best sister EVER) for breakfast. Jog is in quotes because I was going so slowly that I was sure I was going backwards! Liz and I met up at the Rosebud Cafe in Davis Square, where the wait staff is grouchy and sassy. Our waitress referred to my breakfast meat as 'snausages', which made us immediately decide to tip her extra well. We took some time planning out our trip to Eastern Europe this summer, and Liz was getting mildly irritated because I kept mispronouncing the name of a town wrong to make it sound funny. It's just one of the things I do, I guess.
After breakfast and coffee, I went to a couple of the artist studio buildings in Somerville as part of Somerville Open Studios. I got an offer from a jewelry maker to teach me how to work with metal (silver, gold, etc) for a lot cheaper than what you'd pay at an official place that gives classes. Maybe I'll tuck that under my cap for this summer!
THEN, I went to yoga. My new favorite thing. FINALLY, I ended the night at Cece's house where we knit and watched t.v. after a yummy baked chicken dinner. Deeeelicious.
Yes, that concluded my fantastic weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and I loved everything I got to do. It is not often that I have a weekend quite like that, but I do enjoy them when they come along.
And now, for sleep. Good night!

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Cece said...

No one could say you were a fair weather runner! Good job! I went on that same walk I bitched about 2 weeks ago and it was fine. Gotta love making progress.

That baby is SO sweet! I love seeing them wear stuff I've make them.