Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Busy Days, Sleepless Nights

Okay, so as mentioned, I am feeling a little anxious about making that initial contact to my new job, particularly because one would think that THEY would want to call ME. But whatever. So last night, I literally tossed and turned until about 4:30 in the morning, thinking about that and about other things. It probably didn't help that I had taken cold medicine for the three nights prior, and didn't take any last night... I don't like to take medicine when I don't really NEED to. SO, 3 hours later, I had to get up for work. BLAUGH. I literally sat in front of my computer all day working on end of the year discharge summaries for kids... except when my boss interrupted me to sit in on a job interview for a teaching assistant position- thanks for the warning, there, Cathy! Oh, and the custodian interrupted me about every 15 minutes until I told him he HAD to leave me alone because I had 37 2 page reports to write. Then, he only bothered me every 30 minutes. Jerk. I got a lot done, at least. I didn't even eat lunch.
So after work, I went to the bead store to see Liz. We hung out and discussed how hungry we were. She hadn't really managed to eat lunch, either. Then, she remembered that she was invited to a free barbecue for members of some local businessperson's association, so I became her employee and we ate awesome barbecued foods. MMM. I was very happy about the whole thing.
So, we all know that I like to talk about things that annoy me: I published a post yesterday, and clearly people can see it because I got a comment, but when I go to view my blog, the post does not show up! What's that all about? It drives me bonkers, stupid stuff like that.
Tomorrow brings more paperwork, and possibly packing up my office and putting together materials for the woman who's taking over my job. And, my boss won't be around tomorrow, so that's one less person to distract me. Now, if only I could get the custodian to leave me alone... I would lock my door, but there's no air conditioning, and I need to leave the door open so that I don't suffocate.
Four more work days and then... SUMMER TIME STARTS FOR MEEEE!

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Beady Liz said...

FREE FOOD! It was yummy. Thanks for going with me!