Friday, June 30, 2006

First Ever Ice Cream Headache!!

Yes, it's true- I had never had one before. Ever. In my 33 years of existence. I got the 'cold throat with cough' thing, but never the ice cream headache. Today, after yoga, I hit the Dunkin' Donuts drive through for an orange coolatta, which is basically orange juice, probably a bunch of sugar, and blended with ice. Lots of ice. Blammo! Ice cream headache. It was just as I had imagined, but now I need imagine no longer. I am part of the crowd and am so pleased.


Cece said...


sukeyknits said...

Welcome to the club! Except up where I came from we called it a "brain freeze".

Amanda said...

Cece: THIS is what makes me a freak? Whatev.

Sukey: Yeah, I have heard it called that, but since ice cream is my favorite food, I am partial to calling it an ice cream headache. The more I can think about ice cream, the better! :)