Friday, June 23, 2006

Shopping Spreeeeeee!

I had held off buying any new spring/ summer clothes because I was initially under the impression that I was soon to be incomeless. It's somewhat fortuitous, though, because I had to wait until the fabulous sales! So, when I left work today, I hit a few stores to try and find some sassy new gauchos, cropped pants, and bermuda length shorts... and naturally some espadrille-like shoes... I am determined not to feel like a schlub if I can avoid it. All of my shorts from last year are too big, and I can't find where I 'safely stored' my smaller shorts from the year before.

So, my best store of the day was New York & Company. All of the size 12's fit the same, and yes, they FIT. Plus, they weren't super expensive to begin with, AND they were running a special: buy one pair, get 2nd pair for $10. Miss Amanda left with six pairs- three 'just above the knee' length shorts, and three longer croppy ones. Wheeeee! Old Navy was good for another pair, which was missing a button and therefore was an extra 30% off... and of course, I had a button that worked out perfectly in my sewing box at home. I also found a cheap pair of espadrilles there. I wound my way around the mall and found some good stuff. Everything was on super sale, and I am tickled pink with my finds. I especially love finding pants that fit- it is a rare occurrence!

Now, I can show my face in public without feeling like a slob. Slob is generally not my idea of a good time. So, the next time you see me, you might be, like, "Whoa. Who is that snazzily dressed vision in espadrilles?" Okay, you might also be, like, "Hey, Amanda. What's up!" But whatever. As long as you don't punch me in the face and steal my new duds, I don't really care how you greet me. Really.

I just had this memory of what I used to do after my mom took me school clothes shopping- I'd do a 'fashion show' for her and my dad... my brother and sister might also have watched, but they probably got bored and left... unlike my dad, who probably got bored but stayed. I'd come out in my new outfits one after another, twirl around, and mom and dad would ooh and aah. It was enjoyable. I have always been a bit of an 'enjoyer of the spotlight'. I wish I had a roomie to take pics- I'd do an internet fashion show for my numerous readers! Whoooo!

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