Monday, June 12, 2006

Sour Mood

Well, I am officially in a hard-to-shake SOUR MOOD. This sour mood is directly related to losing my job, surprisingly enough. It has cast a shadow on my waking and sleeping hours. I have been provided respite from said mood by friends who distract me via tacos and margaritas, but I tell ya, that sour mood returns as soon as the tequila glow wears off.
I don't mean to spend my time complaining. I am in good health. I have good friends. I have good job skills and will be able to land another job somewhere. However, I do not WANT to lose my job, start all over with my seniority and professional status somewhere else. I don't want to have to break in a new set of coworkers, slowly letting them get to know me until they're 'cool' with my wacky sense of humor and offbeat ways. Even if I were to get another job within the school system, enough people know me that I'd be a bit ahead of the game!
Another big way that this sour mood has affected me is that, while I HAVE been doing SOME jewelry making, I am TOTALLY not in the mood to take ANY pictures, and certainly would not FEEL like posting the pictures if I actually managed to take them! My latest projects have been to re-make some of my 'stock' items, as well as to do some experimentation with bead crochet. I still totally dig the bead crochet, which was what I first started doing when I started the jewelry thing. Figures I'd start with the MOST complicated and work down, eh? That sounds just like me.
ANYWAY, I am sincerely hoping that good news will be along soon, and that this sour mood will dissipate. At that point, I'm sure I'll manage to be a bit more productive in the 'interesting blog that people actually want to read' arena...

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Cece said...

Well - you have a right to be in a foul mood. Fuckers.

Maybe knitting that super fun sweater would cheer you up?