Tuesday, June 20, 2006

YAYYYYYYY! With a But.....

Okay, so the good news was delivered by mail today: I will be reassigned to a new school next year. It is another middle school in Lowell, but it is a regular school with 675 kids, rather than an alternative school with like 50 kids. I know some of the people who work there, and I like them, so that is good. BUT..... there are two things that concern me:
1. I am 'bumping' a part time worker out of the position. The administrators at that school hired her. They liked her. They did not get to pick me. I am replacing someone they LIKE. That sets me up for an initially lousy intro to a new place.
2. The letter appointing me to the new position stated that I have been placed there for the 2006-2007 school year. This differs from the letter that appointed me to my current job, which simply stated that I would be working there starting August 23, 2004, and gave no ending date. I fear that this is a legal loophole which they have inserted in there so that they can bite me in the BUTT if they need to later on down the road. And YES, I will be nagging the personnel director about this post haste. Okay, I MIGHT let the dust settle a LITTLE first, but only a little. Promise!

So, at least, I am not unemployed for at least another year. Yay! I am now somewhat less depressed and am more excited about the other parts of my life. We shall gloss over the fact that I have ANOTHER cold, which was probably brought on by a month of not sleeping well due to 'not having a job in the fall' anxiety. Oh, another aside... I'm very curious as to whether I'll get called by any of the other school systems I applied to while in crisis mode.

OKAY. Now back to what this blog is supposed to be about: beads and fibers! WOOOOO!
Now, first for the disappointing news: I just spent 10 minutes trying to get my camera to take a timed picture of me in the argyle vest that fits more like a minidress, but to no avail. I even had it set up on the counter near the dish drain, where I discovered I could see the reflection of what the camera would take a picture of in the metal bowl drying in the dish drain. SO COOL! But the stupid camera would not do what I wanted to, and at the moment I am too lazy to pull out the instruction manual, even though I am so impressively organized that there are only one of two places that it could be. Whoa.
Now, for the better news. I have another picture of my feet! Now, aside from the fact that I think you can spot a toe hair, this is not a scary picture. I got a pedicure and got flowers on my toes, and I think it's just dandy and adorable:

AWWWWWW. Now let's just ignore how dirty those damn sandals are... Reef has changed the squishiness content of their soles, and as we all know, my feet are tres sensitive, so I haven't been able to replace these bad boys. It's a good thing I'm so tall, so that my nose is FAR FAR AWAY from them. They are my only malodorous pair of shoes, and they are the only sandals I can reliably wear for long periods of time without blistering. EWW. We all know what THAT looks like.

Okay, wait, I promised to return to beads and fiber. Well, throughout my anxiety, I have been finding bead crochet to be quite therapeutic. Cece and Tarsha, I have managed to complete your custom orders, but I'll let you two be the first to see the finished product. Tarsha, I might need to modify yours a tad, but am perfectly happy to do so as needed. That's just how I roll. for the rest of you, here are the beautiful creations- I think these have all been made in, like, the last week. Yes, I'm obsessed. There are two pics- one is bright, one is dark. Just to please all tastes.
I guess the detail doesn't necessarily show all that well, but you get the point. Crocheting has been taking place. In a serious way.

Okay, now that the crisis has been passed, I can hopefully find the time to update on here in a more regular and cheerful way. Ooh, did I mention that today was the last day of school for the kids? Now, I have 5 days left of work, during which massive amounts of paperwork must take place. Joy. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not I can complete 37 discharge summaries in one day? (said summaries are 2 pages long each) I am not so sure, but I'm thinking I can get a good chunk done. Better bring coffee to work...

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sukeyknits said...

Congratulations! What a relief to know you have something. Do I understand correctly that you have the summer off? Or do you still have to work? At least the good thing out of all of this is lots of new and wonderful beaded bracelets!