Friday, July 21, 2006

Busy Day

I started my day by going to yoga, and then to the chiropractor's. AND THEN??? Well, I took a road trip to The Beadin' Path and Buttons & Beads in Freeport, Maine. The Beadin' Path has a generous wholesale discount, and I scooped up some great seed beads and some Swarovski crystal in a couple of colors that my usual supplier doesn't seem to carry. Yummers. The button shop is good for poking around in, and I got a few buttons good for use as bracelet clasps. Sweet! I then headed down to Portland, Maine, to Caravan Beads. They have ALL of the Miyuki beads. ALL of them. EVERY color. EVERY style. It was fabulous. In addition, they are closing down the fiber portion of the store, so I got a few yarny items. You know, just for fun.

During all of this, I also managed to get offered a job in Lexington, which I had the ability to turn down- nice to have options, nicer still that one of those options (staying in the Lowell school system) will allow me to keep my home and not have to move back in with my parents, for instance! It was a little bit of a bummer to have to make a decision based solely on the money, but it did make the decision easier, I suppose. So it goes.

As I left Freeport, the skies opened up. There was so much rain dumping down, that people on the highway were pulling over and stopping. Those of us still brash enough to drive were creeping along, windshield wipers whipping sheets of rain away, but not fast enough to give us enough of a view to go any faster than about 15 miles an hour. It was nuts! The storm must have been travelling southbound, like myself, because I encountered the rain numerous times on my way home. Gulp!

So, anyway, now it is picture time. First, an adorable picture of the apron that Cece sewed for my dishsoap:
I think we can all agree that I have the sexiest dish soap in the neighborhood. Look at that bust!!!

And next, a pic of the seaming for my Noro sweater. I have been creeping along in the progress, because I really want to do a nice job. I have been refreshing my memory about different types of 'invisible seams' by referring back to Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book. First, we take a look at a shoulder seam. The green horizontal stripe is the 'invisible' join... I confess that because of the color it is not invisible, but it sure looks like it's supposed to be there!
Next, we move along to the sleeve cap seam. The pic shows the shoulder of the sweater on my knee. The top row of brown yarn on the sleeve cap is actually the seam. This time, I was more careful to match the yarn, so that it looked good.
And finally, the side seam. This would have been the most truly invisible seam of all, IF the stripes matched from back to front. However, that was not my plan! This shot is of the side seam. Notice, if you will, how the stitches still make their nice little V's, even though they are not the same color! I am pleased with the results thus far.
So, the seaming progress is SLOW. After it's done, I have to block the collar, and then go and buy a hook and eye, or else figure out my own way to hold this dandy little item closed. I'll have to give it some thought.

To work backward, I went out for a delicious meal with seven other women last night at the Gibbet Hill Grill. The food was delicious, and the conversation was easy, comfortable and hilarious. I really enjoyed myself. As I walked back to my car, I found myself feeling really happy that I have made some really good female friends. I had that when I lived in Connecticut, but when my family moved to New Hampshire when I was 13, I found that the NH girls were a lot more 'conservative' and 'proper'. I got along much better with boys and had a lot more male friends. I am glad that I am finding women whom I get along so well with, and felt super happy at the end of the night. It is great to have a group of people like that whom I get along with! I could continue gushing, but I am going to get back to gazing lovingly at today's purchases and watching the Tour de France. Oh, and seaming my sweater. Yes. Seaming. Ooh, one last thing: about 20 minutes after I left Caravan Beads, I reached furtively into the shopping bag to fondle the yarn and beads, while keeping my eyes on the road, of course. I suddenly realized... oh no... the two books I bought were not in there! Curses! I certainly wasn't going to drive back at that point. So, I waited a bit longer (so I could convince them that it would not be appropriate for me to drive back to get them) and then called the store. Yes, they had the books. Yes, they were so sorry that they had not put them in my bag. Yes, they would mail them to me free of charge. Whew. So, I don't get the pleasure of reading the patterns until I nod off to sleep (I like reading patterns before sleepytime), but at least I don't have to go back to get the books or PAY for someone else's mistakes!

Okay. I'm really going now. Bye!

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Beady Liz said...

I've always wanted to try Gibbet Hill Grill. Goot to hear it is yummy! (My massage therapist is in the community Chiropractic building, which shares a driveway with Gibbet Hill. I recommend her highly.)