Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy Little Bee

Well, I actually had a super awesome post written all up this past Wednesday, but then Blogger ate it. Chomp, chomp, all gone! Now, I'm so busy, I just haven't had time to rewrite it. No, really. I am busy! For starters, today and tomorrow, I'll be selling jewelry outside at the Lowell Folk Festival for many hours. I hope all of the sweating is worth it and I sell a lot of stuff. I made a bunch of new earrings and necklaces, and love how everything turned out. There are pictures, which I uploaded... to the post that Blogger ate. (chomp chomp) I have only done one other outdoor event, but this time, I will be under a sideless tent. I mention the sideless aspect because of the possibility of rain tomorrow. Because rain sometimes has a tendency to come down in a 'not straight down' fashion, I knew I needed a plan of protection for my tables. Last night, I cut up a few garbage bags and duct taped them together to create two big ol' table covers. They are a good size, lightweight, and were made from materials I already own. Super! Another snag I usually have is the necessity of taking three trips with all of my stuff. The confounding factor? Well, I have very little stuff, but it is all awkward. So, I put a duct tape shoulder strap on my chair! Yay! Now, only two trips. Excellent.
The last thing I've been busy with is that I'm taking a trip to Eastern Europe, and I'm leaving in two days. I still feel like I have a bunch of loose ends... and not a lot of time to solve them in! I guess I have taken care of the most important things, which is buying an airline ticket and getting my passport updated. Check, and check. Sweet.
Hey- in case anyone is interested, go check out Grumperina's post regarding the possibility of Addi Turbo needles coming out with sharper tips for lace knitting and the like. I have written a letter to Karin Skacel Haack,, Vice President, Skacel Collection, Inc., (425) 291-9600. I even found a lace knitting society online and emailed them the info. The newsletter guru said she'd post the info in the next newsletter! Excellent.
Well, gotta go make sure I'm all set for a long, hot day. I'm feeling sweaty and disheveled just thinking about it.

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