Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gloomy Sunday

So, I have been hard at work doing the necessary things to make it possible to drop AOL as my email service. I like a lot of the features, and so have been willing to pay a monthly fee for over 10 years now. But there have been a lot of improvements in some of the free services that it has become tempting to change. The final straw came recently when AOL started putting ads at the bottom of the screen when you open your mail messages. It's irritating enough when it happens when you're using a free email service, but I'll be damned if I'm going to PAY for a service that is bombarding me with advertising! ARRRRGH! So, I manually added all of my email contacts to a new gmail account,and then painstakingly went through all of my old emails (over 4000 of them) to find any that I wanted to save, and then forwarded them to my new gmail account. No, wait, AOL said they were no longer available for forwarding, so I had to copy and paste all of the text and send the emails. What a joke. I haven't yet done the 'business' email account. I just couldn't face it today. I will be spurred on by the thought of dumping stupid AOL. AOL begone!!!

Instead of completing the entire transition, I wandered over to Lush Beads , where Liz the owner generously allowed me to string some beads to prepare them to be sold. She is so nice that way! There is one 'character' who comes over on Sundays (Sunday is the day people wander by and help Liz string and weigh beads) is named Jean, and she is easy to tease and luckily doesn't seem to notice when you're doing it, which makes it fun for all involved! Well, at one point, she picked up a necklace and said, 'what stitch is this?' Simultaneously, here were Liz's and my answers:
Me: Poop stitch.
Liz: Butt stitch.

We high fived each other and laughed and laughed and laughed. Yes, we have similar senses of humor. Jean's daughter is always a source of entertainment, as she is very smart and quirky and has a very offbeat sense of humor. We refer to her as the 'snack monkey', because it is very easy to get her to go to the store to buy us snacks... as long as we let her 'keep the change'. It is an agreeable arrangement all around. She returns stating, 'snack monkey has gotten your snacks', or sadly, one time, 'everyone was cutting the snack monkey in line'. We felt upset by this- no one should push around the snack monkey but us, darnit!

So, I have finished the Noro sweater, but it is missing a hook and eye closure. I am shocked that I don't have one in my sewing box, because I tend to have all kinds of things in there. Bummer. Once I put on some sort of a closure, I'll arrange to have someone take a picture of me in it. It looks groovy. The only minor problem is my bust to butt circumference ratio. I made the sweater to fit my bust (small), not my butt (larger). Luckily, the sweater is not meant to close all the way to the bottom. Brainstorm: maybe I just won't put a closure on it at all?

This last part is a confession to Cece: I did take out your mother in law's sweater and take a peek at it tonight. It won't get done before I go on vacation, (too much to do) but it WILL get done. Probably.


Beady Liz said...

My sterling company isn't enough to encourage you to string beads? Damn. I'll have to wear the low-cut shirt next time...

Amanda said...

Well, I DID show up and string beads, didn't I???