Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quick Update

This weekend was the Lowell Folk Festival. I sat outside both days under a tent, hawking my jewelry. I did better sales-wise today, but overall did a lot better last year. It's all about location, folks. However, I did do a lot of repeat business, which is great- people who have bought things from me before sought me out and bought things again! Excellent.

I am now in a cleaning and packing frenzy. I am leaving for a trip to the Czech Republic and Hungary. But don't try to come over and steal anything from me, because I already told my neighbors, who are much closer by, and will have used my spare key to slip on in and steall all the good stuff before you get here. HA!

So, I am attempting to figure out what sock knitting yarn and pattern I want to bring with me on the trip. It has to be socks, since I am backpacking and won't have space for a jumbo project. (I might try to squeeze in TWO sock projects, though.... muwahahaha! I am thinking of the Baudelaire pattern from Knitty, or possibly Pomatomus. I actually WANT to find a nice, complicated pattern to occupy my mind and keep me distracted from the fact that long amounts of time on the train, plane, or whatever are ticking by immeasurably slowly. I'm sure that there are other patterns that I'd like to do that I can't think of... possibly another pair of Jaywalkers... well, those would be the noncomplicated ones, but I have a great striped sock yarn that I think would look cute in that pattern... we'll see what I decide! (leaving this post to go look at patterns) Okay, I am unable to narrow it down right now. It might come down to what I think I can squeeze into my backpack! It probably will not be decided by how many socks I think I can knit on a two week trip. Silly me. So, I will probably not check in blogwise during the trip, so have a great two weeks! Later, suckers! I mean, I will miss you all! Big Kiss!

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sukeyknits said...

This might be too late, but I loved Olomouc in eastern Czech Republic (didn't like Prague - too touristy in the summer). Highly recommend Olomouc youth hostel - really nice small group and great hosts. Ask about Peter the potter - wonderful, cheap pottery - no store, need appointment. Have a great time as you travel to the lands of no vowels (well barely)!