Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Secrets Revealed!

Okay, it is really just one secret. Here is the photographic revelation:

Yes, it is true. I began work on the Noro Butterfly pattern by Jane Ellison. I surfed around and found a couple of blogs that suggested a couple of modifications, including shortening the sleeves, and casting off at the back of the neck rather than keeping the stitches live to pick up when adding the collar. The first alteration, the shortening of the sleeves, seemed like a good idea. The sleeve pattern told you to knit the sleeves for 20 inches prior to the cap shaping- I measured even my sweaters with longggg sleeves, and none of them were that long. So, I shortened the sleeves by 2 inches, and I still think that they will be long. They have a slight bell to them, so I think long is good, but not, say, to my fingertips! Considering my height, it is surprising how long those dang sleeves are supposed to be. Give me a break. The second alteration, the binding off of the back neck stitches, are to prevent sagging once the large collar is added. That sounded smart to me, and will help to prevent sleeve lengthening, as well! As you can see from the picture above, I am not worrying about matching the stripes, although they accidentally matched up for part of the front. Oops. I am being a good girl and am blocking as I go along. (Insert pat on back here)
In other news, it has been hot, hot hot around here. I went for a walk this morning, because I did not have the heart to run- too hot. By the time I got home, my outfit was soaked in sweat. Whew! Last night, Cece lured me to her house with the promise of a yummy dinner and swimming (read: floating and throwing frisbees and sticks for the dogs), and it was very nice. It is so refreshing to go for a dip on a hot evening! The dogs were happily splashing around, although Henry hasn't really figured out the whole swimming thing... at one point, he followed me into the water, walking along the bottom, until he was underwater... and then he panicked! (I would, too!)
So, today, I am working on my jewelry photographing setup in the comfort of my air conditioned home. I've had the a/c on for several days, so the humidity has been eradicated, and it is quite pleasant in here. I got a few books on tape at the library, and I am hunkered down for the long haul. It will get at least into the mid 90's today, with severe humidity. Blecch.
So, I guess to wrap up, I will confirm that Cece was the winner of the contest to guess my secret- that I have started the Noro sweater! (I knew she'd guess right) Her prize? Nothing! HAHAHAHAHA!


Cece said...

I love it! The colors are AWESOME.

Oh, I'll get a prize....

Amanda said...

Your prize was that I came over to swim. Wasn't it a great prize???