Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crafty Updates

This week was the week of cancellations: the polymer clay class was indeed cancelled for Saturday, and my yoga class was cancelled tonight. That was a bit of a saga- first off, I drove up to NH right from work, so as not to get sucked into the vortex of the post-work nap. I went to Parlee Farms to buy some apples, then scoped out the Salvation Army to see whether they would accept my donated clothes. They will, but I need to put them in bags. No problem. Then, I went to the River Art Studio, which is right around the corner from the yoga studio, to see what kinds of classes they offer. The woman who was there seemed pretty vague about when a polymer clay class might be available, or how much a private lesson would cost. I'm not going to hold my breath... then, I went and parked in the yoga parking lot and knit and talked to my mom for 45 minutes, until it was 'kosher' to go inside, 1/2 hour before class. It was cancelled. What an ordeal! Almost two hours 'wasted', and no class at the end. Sigh. However, there are updates. First off, my Swallowtail Shawl from the most recent Interweave Knits is blocking:

Second, I am knitting this fabulous short sleeve sweater named "Camisa" from the most recent knitscene from Interweave Knits. Here is the front so far:

The construction is fairly interesting- first, the basketweave panel is knit from side to side, and then stitches are picked up on either side for the rest of the panel- cute. I am almost at the armholes on the front.

And last but not least, I have created a new polymer clay friend, "Bird With Teeth". I am definitely still at the point of copying someone else's pattern. I think that the expression on my bird says, "Stop cancelling things on me, dammit!" (Or, perhaps, "Tomorrow had BETTER be Friday!") I think this bird means serious business:

I still haven't baked him, but my polymer clay benefactress donated to me a clay-dedicated toaster oven, so NKA birdie (No Kidding Around) will get toasted soon. Oh, and you know what I totally love about polymer clay? You can leave it out unwrapped and it will not dry out overnight! Awesome! A non awesome factor is the somewhat poisonous nature... it is not 'non toxic', like Play Doh is, for instance. I am not the most fastidious of humans, so I am going to have to watch this. No snacking while claying!

Tomorrow, I am going to an all day conference- and will hopefully be able to do some knitting during the lectures. Whee!

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