Saturday, October 14, 2006

If Buying Beads is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right!

Today, I went to the Bead Affaire Bead Show, which is a great show with some super high quality glass beads and other stuff, too. I got some pretty yet relatively inexpensive beads, but a set of beads kept calling me back to them. These beads were made by Ann Campbell of Kennebunkport Bead Art, and I HAD to have them. They were not cheap. They were not a bargain. But I assure you, I either had to buy them or steal them, and not being the theiving type, well, I bought them. Of course, I rushed home and made this:

It hangs down about five inches from my collarbone, and is about 28 inches long. The big beads are 3/4" wide, and are super awesome. I am quite sure that the picture doesn't do them justice, as usual, particularly because I didn't bother to rotate the picture or anything. The beads are more glossy and delicious in real life. It is my new favorite thing. I also made earrings, but let's face it: any picture I tried to take would most certainly suck.

So, I am home on a Saturday night, in part because I was too lazy to find something to do (again), and because I promised that I'd have new jewelry to bring over to a nearby museum- my 'collection' over there is lookin' pretty skimpy. So far, I have made 9 pairs of earrings and 3 necklaces. The bracelets never really sold well before, so I figure I'll only make a few. Okay, this is boring. Change of topic.

As I was typing this post, I noticed a burning smell. What could it be? Well, it COULD be the burner I turned on to make some tea... the burner, in fact, directly IN FRONT of the one that the teapot was actually sitting on. Good grief.

So, tomorrow I'm supposed to do a charity bike ride. My only qualms about this? What should only take a couple of hours out of my day (it's only 20 miles) will end up taking maybe 5 hours, because it's a point to point ride, and they pick you up and drive you to the starting line, 2 1/4 hours BEFORE the ride even starts! Why, why, why! It is so dumb. It is so dumb, it is dum. You know, so dumb that it forgot the 'b'. I am considering not going and just sending in the money, because I don't feel like sitting around in the cold waiting for the ride to start. Does that make me a bad person? Please say no. I will be sitting around in 40 degree weather in biking clothes, being sad and angry. Oh, and bring along warmer clothing for before and afterwards? No thanks- last year, it took HOURS after the ride was over for the clothing to arrive at the end point. Totally ridiculous. But still, I just might be stupid enough to show up and do the ride. That is just the kind of girl that I am.

Then again, maybe not.

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