Monday, November 27, 2006

Cedar Creek

Well, I totally love the Cedar Creek sock pattern, and I am ADORING the Socks that Rock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The colorway, called Puck's Mischief, is not quite coming out right in the pics below...

I have started on sock #2. As has been common recently, I have a couple of complaints about the pattern. first off, it is a little unclear when to switch from the larger needles to the smaller ones, and vice versa. I feel like sock #1 fits just fine, so it is not that big a deal... but issue #2 is a little more significant to me: on the smaller size, once you turn the heel and start working the foot, the pattern is completely off center on the top of the foot and looks stupid... unless, of course, you are able to figure this out and change it on the fly. The 34 stitches across the top of the foot means that you are only knitting two of the six columns of the twist panel, which is ridiculous looking. Here is my feeling about this: if I am paying for a pattern, I want it to be right. I want it to have been test knit in ALL sizes, and I want it to work out right! Otherwise, why am I paying for the pattern???
Anyway, I have started with sock #2, but haven't gotten very far yet... holiday season jewelry making has taken precedent for the time being. I must say, however, that the sock yarn is exceedingly soft and nonscratchy. I am psyched, because I frequently find sock yarns to be scratchy. Yay! Go buy some now, but leave some for me!


sukeyknits said...

And Amen to that! I agree that patterns should be error proof - otherwise who needs them, we could just create our own (ok, some of us, probably not me). Can't wait to feel the yarn - thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty sock. It looks like it is on someone else's foot.


Amanda said...

Nope, that's my foot- the tiny foot coming out of a big (tall) girl's leg! I guess that's the advantage of having such long legs- you can get REALLY far away from your foot! :)