Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am weak. So weak.

But seriously- how was I to resist??? I didn't mention it IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the package, but I was afraid if I did, I would start knitting IMMEDIATELY, and drop my current sock project. I managed to last just over 24 hours.
What, might you ask, am I talking about? I received my package from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, which contained some very delicious yarn.I must confess that so much time has elapsed since I started writing this email that the parenthesized part to follow is seriously out of date:

Outdated typing to follow:(Yes, yes. some of the yarn is already wound into balls. Lovingly wound. Into soft, fluffy, heavenly, wonderfull puffs of yarn. Seriously, folk(s), the mohair is not only fabulously soft, but the color changes are like nothing I've ever worked with before. So, I only lasted a FEW hours before I wound the yarn into balls, but I lasted until Friday night before I started to knit it up. The final project will still be a mystery until completion, and no fair trying to figure it out! (Insert menacing grimace here)
Okay, now the outdated part is over. So, anyway, while I was trying to avoid playing with the mohair yarn, I managed to do a decent amount of knitting on my current sock project, the merino lace socks. I will someday include a picture.

I am enjoying the pattern, but found a nitpicky little 'error' in the chart: the "V" stands for 'sl 1 purlwise wyif", but it really ought to also say 'sl 1 kwise wyib' on wrong side. If you don't, then you don't get the nice slipped stitch edge on one side of the heel flap; instead, you get a mess. Luckily, I figured it out pretty quickly. I'm all about patterns being super specific- if it's a pattern, I expect to be doing just what the person tells me to do, unless I plan to lengthen the torso, which I sometimes have to do.
Anyway, this is one of those posts that I'm writing with the full intention of not posting it until there are pictures to be involved. So you will not even know that I have been keeping you in suspense! Buwahahahaha!

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