Saturday, November 25, 2006

Polymer Clay Pics!

Okay, Blogger is being agreeable today. Below, please gaze upon the AWESOME polymer clay tiles that I made a couple of weeks ago:

There, wasn't that awesome? Sorry about the blurriness, but so it goes. And, there is another 'so it goes' aspect to these tiles... this is a picture of them prior to being baked. Let's just say that the 'post' pictures are not QUITE the same... there was a 'toaster oven incident', which involved toxic fumes and burned clay. I was beside myself with unhappiness, for a multitude of reasons: First off,the tiles were really complicated to make, second, they were like the first good thing I ever made, and third, they turned out so derned great. However, I have made a new slab from which I can make very similar tiles, but have been scared to cut it out into pieces... and understandably so, says I!
Anyway, that's my update for today. Enjoy the weekend, all! At least in my neck of the woods, it is cool but sunny, and promises to be a lovely day.

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