Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That is my name for today. I felt a little worse this morning than I did yesterday morning, and knowing how cruddy I felt by the end of the day yesterday, I decided to sit this one out. However, there is no fever, so I will not be shivering under the covers all day, which is cool.
I forgot to mention yesterday that I received a package from J Crew last night, and have found my new favorite chinos- the Heritage Chino. What makes them so great? They are not super low cut, they are cut to assume that I have both a waist AND a booty, and they come in a 35" inseam. Long legs rule! My only regret is that they have stopped making any chinos in black! Now, I must re-start my quest for a washable work pant in black. Sigh. And we all know that they won't be at "Let's cut all of our waistbands so low that you don't actually have to take the pants OFF to use the bathroom". (Oh- also known as Gap) I am not sure whether any of my reader(s) have any suggestions, but they are welcome. Requirements: long inseam, not low waisted, generous in booty and thigh region, and NOT TAPERED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. That is all.
Last night, I also got a very exciting email from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that my package has shipped. What did I order? A groovy sock pattern that I coveted from Cece, (Cedar Creek) and some excellent sock yarn to accompany said pattern. And a secret surprise that you'll just have to wait and see! I am actually forgetting which sock yarn colorway I ordered, and in order to surprise myself, I am going to forego looking back at my order to figure it out. It will be like opening a present! Wheee!
Last night, I had a knitting incident that I did not capture on film- I have been knitting a pair of Jaywalkers out of some fabulous rainbow Regia sock yarn. I decided to try and knit them on size 0 needles, since I had to downsize the pattern on 1's for my skinny feet. However, in addition to using the 0's, I also appeared to be knitting more tightly than usual, and wound up turning the heel, trying them on, only to find that I have made my first ever too-tight pair of socks! I unravelled the partly completed unwearable item before snapping a picture. Too bad, so sad.
Hmm, what else. Last Saturday, I went to the opening of a new show at the Revolving Museum, and two of the jewelry pieces I have showing there got sold! One of the women who bought something asked for a matching pair of earrings, and I was only too happy to oblige. I whipped them up last night while sniffling unhappily on the couch. I hope she likes them.
I haven't bothered to peek through the blinds yet to see what's going on outside, but I hear it might be gross out. All the more reason not to look.


Cece said...

Hope you didn't bugger on the earrings.

sukeyknits said...

I want to join your club- have been looking for good black pants for 3 years now (I have a good pair of black capris, but that do me no good when it be weathery). Hope you have a fast recoup - this one is a sucker (i.e. with you 3+ weeks).

sukeyknits said...

(eharmony cont.) I was thinking of you, because they paired me up with several personal trainers (not the best match for me). Maybe we could trade (wait, I don't want the religious freaks either). Anyways, I'll keep my eye open for you - especially since our married friends don't hook us up anymore.