Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yay for Stripes! Boo for sniffles!
Please gaze upon the latest completed project, blocking happily.
Project Details as follows:
Pattern: Rosedale United from Knitty, size 38
Yarn: My favorite, Noro Kureyon #95
Needles: Size 4 circular (pattern called for an 8- I'm such a loose knitter, it's embarrassing)
Comments: This was fun to knit, in part because I lurve the yarn, but also because it involved an intarsia rectangle. However, the pattern required some intuition- it was not always clear at all points. For instance, I knit the smallest size, and the pattern told me to continue with the intarsia rectangle, despite the fact that it would be cut off by the raglan sleeve decrease for that size. And, at another point, it told me to decrease every right side, even when you go from knitting back and forth to knitting in the round... you had to be wily enough to know that you should NOT begin decreasing every row, but continue to decrease every other row. There were several issues like that. Near the neck, I had been working in the round for quite some time, but the pattern had said to keep working back and forth, which made no sense to me. And it said to bind off stitches at the front of the neck rather than just short row-ing and picking up the live stitches later to work the turtlenecky part. There are more examples, but I do not care to continue with such trash talk, as I am happy with the results, and that is what matters.
Prior to blocking, I was a bit nervous- it appeared a bit tight, and I was having horrible visions of having to give it away to my sister for Christmas- she is a few inches shorter and is proportionately slimmer, and this sweater (in its pre-blocked state) would most certainly have been a good fit. However, as wool is apt to do, it blocked to Amanda Size quite nicely! Huzzah!
Oh, another thing- the pattern never even mentions what to do with the leftover live stitches at the armpit. I mean, duh, kitchener stitch them closed, but really. To leave that out? Most patterns even mention to weave in leftover stitches, which is a big 'duh', but they still SAY it! ARRRRGH! I have an editor inside of me, I know it for sure.
Okay, so now it is the time in my post where I begin to whine about part two of the post title: Miss Amanda has a stuffy nose. It is totally gross. And what do you need when you have a cold? Sleep. What can you not DO because of the stuffy nose? Yeah. Sleep. Oh, cruel fate. Thank goodness for sweet, sweet Nyquil. I took some last night and felt like I was awaking from a 15 year coma when the alarm went off. I won't even MENTION the amount of 'sleepies' I had to cut through to be able to open my eyes! (EWWWWW!) Sorry, had to be said. No, really, it did. Just accept it. Love me, love my lack of editing capabilities. OH, and to make things worse, I got the flu shot today and now my arm hurts a lot. Another thing that is annoying about this is that I wanted to go to yoga today, but my nose and arm were significant hindrances. No one wants to be in a 105 degree room with a girl who is not only sweating profusely, but is also blowing her nose and spreading germs... 105 degrees... talk about a breeding ground for cold germs! Plus, I definitely think that the whole not being able to lift my arm above my head would have been a problem.
So, if I post in the middle of the day tomorrow, you will know that the cold has taken a turn for the worse. The school nurse told me today, 'Oh my goodness, you look HORRIBLE!' Yeah, it WAS good for the ego. No,really, it was. I strive to look as horrible as possible on a fairly regular basis- that way, when I try to look good, everyone is blown away by my awesome beauty. Hmm. That might actually not be a bad strategy- I will attempt to put into practice "Operation Look Ugly Most of the Time So that When I Put On Makeup, All Will Bow To My Transformation"!
What is scary is that I haven't taken the Nyquil yet, and still these ideas are flowing out of me. Hmm.
Well, faithful reader(s), we have now reached the portion of the evening when Nyquil taking and tooth brushing shall commence. Wish me luck- either that I will wake up feeling refreshed and like a new woman, or that I will feel JUST enough worse than yesterday that I can justify staying home and watching Netflix movies and making jewelry. YESSSSS!

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Cece said...

Poor sicky Amanda. But yippee for the fun sweater! I lurve it.