Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another No Picture Post

Ohhhhh, this is KILLING me! I have been slaving away, making things for Christmas gifts of all types- straight up gifts, Secret Santa gifts, and Yankee Swap gifts. And, due to the fact that people I know and like (and therefore may very well be receiving gifts) look at my blog, I can't post the pictures until after Christmas! I will say this: I have been staying up LATE trying to get things finished. Alas, you will all have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks to see the results!

Last year at this time, I had a craft show every weekend. I was so tired and stressed, I ended up getting shingles, and got sick a lot all winter. Things are a little more low key this year, but I still feel like there is so much to do- send out Christmas cards, tidy up my place and put up the tree, and so on. I want to host a holiday open house, and am doing a couple of jewelry parties... it is a festive time, but sometimes I just feel so pressured, ya know?

Despite the pressure, I am trying to remember the things I'm happy about in my life, particularly the biggest change, which is the new job I started this fall. I am in a new school, and like the environment/ atmosphere much more than where I was last year. It is a much better fit than where I was last year. I am seeing kids for individual counseling, and do a lot more therapeutic work instead of crowd control and babysitting. I went over to my old school yesterday to visit a student, and I must say that I did NOT miss it or yearn to be back there in the least! Some things happen for a reason, eh?

Well, enough of that... I'm going to be gettin' to that whole Christmas card thing. Every year, I consider writing a generic Christmas letter to enclose, but I haven't followed through yet. I'm assuming that this year will be the same...

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