Sunday, December 31, 2006


And I don't mean that in the good pirate-y way, either... for clarification, that would only have contained ARRRRRRR! without the g or the h's. Just so you know.

Anyway, I have started a rectangular scarfy shawl thingy from the Victorian Lace book. I had an initial false start, having knit a gauge swatch, sized the needles UP, knit for a while, and saw that the width would have been quite a bit larger than was anticipated, so I then frogged my hours of progress, and went down a couple of sizes. My ARRRRGH? Well, I am using fairly splitty yarn, and possibly the most blunt needles ever invented, the Addi Turbos, which have been unlovingly referred to by some as 'Blunty Stumpos'. I am slowly being driven insane. Now, I have heard rumor that the new Knitpicks needles are nice and pointy, so I went ahead and ordered some. I suppose I will continue to knit on the maddeningly blunt needles in the meantime, but breathlessly await the arrival of flesh-gougingly sharp needles. Luckily, there are no bobbles or nupps in my scarf/shawl, otherwise, I'm sure I would have been driven to pure raving lunacy by now. Blunties are just not the tools for the job. Le Sigh.

There is still not enough actual knitting done to warrant a photo. However, there is one new thing that I'd like to report on: I am actually using life lines, which I have never done before. I suppose that the trickiness of the true lace pattern (working increases and decreases on both the right and wrong side rather than simply purling back on the wrong side) makes me concerned about my ability to figure out what went wrong if I were to drop a stitch... plus, those nonpointy needles are horrible at picking up wayward stitches. I am sincerely hoping that i will never have to frog down 16 rows... maybe I should do it every 8 instead... I did make a WEE bit of an error the first time I ran the life line through my stitches... I ran it through the stitch markers, too... imagine my surprise when I went to slip the stitch marker from one needle to the other, only to find that it was well-anchored to my work by the life line!!! Silly me.
I still don't actually have plans for New Year's. However, I figure that if nothing interesting pops along, I will save money and avoid a possible hangover, not to mention all of the truly fabulous television I'll be able to see, and all of the knitting I will get done! So, Happy New Year to all of you, and may 2007 be totally RAD!

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