Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am an Electrician!!!

Now, this statement might frighten some of you to the core of your very beings. Amanda + Electricity = possible mayhem... However, I tewtally followed the directions. Really, I did! Check it out:

I have been 0ut one overhead kitchen light for a few weeks, and no, it wasn't just the bulbs. Therefore, I went over to Home Depot and bought the above lighting fixture, which was a much better option than my old ugly light, which was one of those terrible yellowing plastic light covers with the fluorescent ring bulbs. Now, of course, I have two bulbs I don't need any more, but I'll bet I can donate it to one of my neighbors who has not been so resourceful as I as to 1. have a light that dies, and 2. go out and get a new one.

I must say that I absolutely love this new light. I made sure to study how the wires were all connected to one another on the old one, and to read the directions on the new one. White wire to white wire; black wire to black wire, and green wire to the plain grounding wire. If any of you reading this think that this is wrong and that my house will burn down, please let me know immediately. IMMEDIATELY. IMMEDIATELY.
But for now, I am going to be enjoying my new, super duper awesome light fixture. I am so cool and handy! I must say I did wish for more than two hands, perched up there on a ladder with my pockets full of all the pieces and tools and trying to hold the light fixture up while twisting the wires together and using a little electrical tape here and there...

Okay, my buddy Megan just got here. I am going to go gloat over my recent electrical success, and then we are off to eat burritos. Life is grand!

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