Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kickin' stash butt, and takin' stash names!

Well, in an effort both to save money and decrease the amount of unused crapola I have in my life, I have been visiting my yarn stash on a regular basis, hoping to find yarn to use up. As other knitters know, there is sometimes a disconnect between the patterns we want to knit and the yarn we already own. I have been trying to bridge that gap- I knit two secret items for Christmas presents out of yarn I already had, and for Yankee Swap items, I have done a couple of quickie novelty yarn scarves. Nothing unusually exciting, unless you consider the fact that the above projects effectively removed about 7 balls of yarn from my life, and will bring joy to someone else's! Yee haw!

And for the most exciting stashbusting news, I do believe I have finally found a purpose for some off white worsted weight yarn that I have been saving for just the right aran knit sweater, since I bought it in approximately 1995. That is some ancient yarn in my book, considering that is just about the time I reached back into the recesses of my mind, dragged out the rudimentary knitting skills my mom taught me when I was a wee one, and started kicking major sweater knitting ass! I must say, I have pored over knitting books and patterns looking for just the right sweater, and even considered trying to design one myself... but it just never happened. I will not stop looking, but in the meantime, am going to repurpose the yarn for this: Starsky from Knitty! I had noticed the pattern when it first came out, but forgot about the yarn I already had. Now, I hope it turns out well. I won't start it until after all of the open houses, jewelry parties and so on... but at least I'll have something "extraspicy" (according to the Knitty rating scale) to work on over Christmas vacation! ANnnnnd, I'll be one step closer to destroying another lump in my yarn stash!
Oh, Cece and I did decide that the true destashing attempts won't start until AFTER we go to the Webs holiday sale after Christmas... there must always be a "Webs holiday sale loophole"... it seems only fair.
So, I put up my Christmas tree yesterday, and it looks fabulous, if I do say so myself...

For those of you who have not been privvy to my explanation, I feel that someday, I may very well live under the same roof with someone who thinks that a pink and white tree is completely unacceptable... so I'm getting it out of my system right now! And last year. And, with the way that my dating life is going, possibly for several (maybe many) years to come. MEN: STOP BEING FREAKS, PLEASE! It's just a thought. But really, I think it's a good thought, and you should really consider it.

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sukeyknits said...

Me too, me too - I love the starsky sweater and have been looking for just such a pattern. We should do our own Boston kal, maybe cec wants one too (although I think both of you would smoke me). Love the pink tree - hey what's christmas without the pink!