Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poker Hottie!

Well, this was just too good not to blog about. I have an email account that I use for my jewelry business, which is comprised of my first and last name, followed by @ and the rest of the deal. I received this email below. It is cut and pasted, so don't grouse at ME for the spelling and such:

"hey i was just wondering what ur middle name was cauz we have to exact same name and i thought that was weird and i live in michigan! so yeah anyways"

So yeah. Anyways. Anywaysssss, the email address from my 'same name friend' was 'pokerhottie24@etc. etc.' I will block her (well, if we really do have the same name, I hope it is a woman!) So, I wrote back to her:

"Hi, my full name is Poker Elizabeth Hottie. What's yours?"

I am dying... DYING to see if I get a response. I am guessing that those of you who read this post are also going to be dying to hear what happens next. WE LOVE POKER HOTTIE!!!

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