Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Add Two To The List!

Okay, it's true. I have been wearing this first item unfinished... mostly unfinished, that is. These Broad Street mittens are great for me on my way to work, particularly because I need dexterity to get out my parking garage pass and roll my window down and up. Plus, if I get coffee in the morning, regular mittens are a bit slippy... I hate dropping coffee. It makes me SAD. Once, as a matter of fact, on a bemittened winter day, I dropped my entire coffee before I had even taken a sip. It was the free 'buy 10 get one free' coffee, too! I had bought it, driven to work, and it slid right out of my hands in the parking lot at work. It was a saaaaad day. So anyway, I never added buttons to these mittens, and finally made my way to Joann Fabrics to get buttons for these and a couple of other projects. As an aside, the buttons I picked out for my friend's baby's sweater didn't really work out... I didn't notice that the holes in the button were WAY too small for yarn to pass through. Bummer. Instead, I quickly crocheted some ties and it looks cute. Sorry, in my zeal to pack up the present, I forgot to take a picture. So, without further ado, here are the mittens:

Next, I have finished my Monkey socks.

Project Details:
Pattern: Monkey from Knitty by Cookie A
Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color in color # 1067
Needles: Sizes 1 and 0 double point- I changed to 0's for the foot.

I enjoyed knitting these socks. I think I need to wash/block them, because the lace pattern is currently a little bunchy. I think that the bamboo yarn feels nice, but will reserve final judgement until I wear them more.

The stash knitting is going well. I haven't yet completely decided what I'll work on next, but I'll keep you posted!

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MikKnits said...

Hey Amanda, thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about my slip stitch dishcloths. I was basing them on a pillow Candi Jensen made on Knitty Gritty recently. Here's a link:

I used 32 sts on size 8 needles.