Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Flash Alert! Flash Alert!

I am totally on board with the UFO and Stash Bust-along that Cece and I cooked up in our twisted little minds, and Cece was kind enough to create the blog. Several members have flashed their stashes already, and now, I prepare to do the same. There are six distinct categories of knitting that are in my possession. First off, the UFO's... in my case, there are four of them that are SO CLOSE to being finished, that it is truly scandalous that they have remained incomplete for so long. One requires seaming and buttons, one requires that the sleeves be re-set (due to bulginess), one requires A ZIPPER (yeah, LAZY! But I haven't been able to find a matching zipper, so I have a semi excuse) and the bag requires some sewing and seaming. Observe:
The next category is a sad collection of five finished or almost finished sweaters that I am dissatisfied with and need to decide: frog, fix, or frow away? (alliteration at its best, no?) Gaze upon the sad display:
Next, I have three active WIP's. I fully intend to finish these at some point and am enjoying working on them. There's the Starsky sweater from Knitty, Monkey socks from Knitty, and a lace shawl from the Vintage Lace book. I think the Monkey socks are knitting up a little big, so I will have to reassess:
Next, the 'finish or frog' pile. There is a sock for which I bought the wrong 'matching' yarn, a sock for which I don't like the pattern I chose for the yarn, and then a partially finished vest for which I don't have enough yarn and would have to cross my fingers that varying dye lots wouldn't show:
Then, there is a massive pile of yarn left over from about a bajillion projects. I am thinking that if I put my mind to it, I could come up with projects that incorporated some of those yarns. The biggest accomplishment would be if I could come up with a pattern to use up the leftovers from balls of sock yarn!
Last but not least, unmolested balls and cones of yarn. I can see five sweaters' worth of yarn, as well as yarn for two shawls, four pairs of socks, some soft, fuzzy yarn, angora bootie yarn, and a few random cones of yarn that still have me a bit perplexed:
Whew. That is a bunch of yarn. I certainly have plenty to work on, and have no reason to go out and buy more!


Cece said...

Damn girl! Where do you hid all that?

tammy said...

Nice! I love the Ribby Cardi. I too have one of those, okay, I have two almost sleeves of one of those!

This is going to be so good for us. Isn't it? Oh please let this be good for us. :)

sunneshine said...

Funny, we all have different slants on the stash/WIP thing. I am in love with your sweaters - especially the grey one with no attached sleeves!