Monday, January 22, 2007

Funny Pictures!

I have decided to share with you a shot of me in my yarn bin. It is humongous. My dad and I made me a large platform bed with four huge bins underneath, since my loft had no closets when I moved in. When looking at these pics, Please note that I am 5'11" and a healthy size 12, and that a large crate fits in there with me. Those of you who noted that I appear to have a LOT of yarn, please also note that all of my yarn plus a sewing box and a box of sewing patterns all fit in the bin. I'm just saying.

I live alone, and have not thought to have someone take this picture FOR me when they're over. However, I think that this picture is humorous. By the way, some of you might like to note that I am wearing a tank top and no socks. (And that my hands kind of look like bony claws- but that is beside the point!) It is very warm in my apartment, despite the fact that it is winter. I live in perpetual July, and I am not complaining. Being warm rules. Additionally, having a giant bin for yarn also rules. Thanks, dad, for your help in that arena. It appears to hold a lot of weight, too, heh heh...

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