Thursday, January 11, 2007


So, I have run across some potential downsides to the awesome Bustalong. I have included them in list form, for ease of reading. They are in the order by which they have occurred to me, in timeline fashion.

Two days ago, while photographing my stash: I have lots and lots of yarn, some of which was purchased with specific projects in mind. I want to start knitting all of those projects. Now.

Simultaneously: I have lots and lots of yarn, some of which I can TOTALLY come up with projects to start knitting. Now.

Moments later: I have lots and lots of yarn, most of which is leftovers from other projects. I want to start coming up with projects to use every single little bit up. I kinda want to start... NOW.

Ten minutes ago, while reading the latest Bustalong posts: Lots of other people ALSO have lots and lots of yarn. It sure does look pretty and knittable. I want to go and get more yarn. Once I do, I want to start knitting new projects. Now.

It is official. I am in yarn overload. And, I am so overwhelmed, that I have only knit one row tonight. What is this world coming to? I am in a state of knitting paralysis. I bet it would help if I put all the yarn back away, instead of leaving it out on the floor so I can gaze at it almost constantly. That's one of the dangers/ benefits of living alone... no one to complain about mountains of yarn all over the place! Hee hee!

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sukeyknits said...

It's so good there is a support group - I have the same problem, but I thought the bust along was to get rid of yarn too (not just UFOs). So other than buying new yarn - you are ok (other than the paralysis of course).