Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meet Sheldon!

Surprise, all... here is my latest FO! I am going to the first birthday party for my one year old buddy Max, who was born on my birthday last year! He is totally worth all of the work. I enjoyed making this project, and of course, I used yarn from my stash! Here's a second shot, with Sheldon in the buff!

Project Details

Yarn: Caron Sayelle yarn in Medium Fir Green and Woodsy Green. 100% Acrylic, baby!

Needles: Size 2 and 3 double points

Pattern: Sheldon from Knitty

Project Notes: I haven't really knit very many stuffed animals, so I was a little in the dark as I was going along... what part was I knitting? Which way would this part be pointing? However, I just followed the pattern and it went okay. I would not say that it was a beginner project, particularly because of the i-cord edging that you use to attach the shell top to the 'sweater' part that goes underneath his belly. It was a wee bit tricky.

I used a worsted weight instead of a sport weight, which was fine, as the final size really didn't matter.

The final verdict? Judge for yourself... cute as can be, and completely washable!


sukeyknits said...

I knit a wonderful turtle once for my cousin, so didn't think yours compared until I scrolled down and saw that you could undress him! How cute! He's got tons of character.

P.S. Black dress is sexxy.

Liz said...

omg sheldon is to die for. max is the luckiest tyke EVER.