Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sock Lurve

Well, I have been indulging in 'startitis', where I have started two new projects before finishing the project I was already working on. That is fairly out of character for me; I generally pride myself on being a 'finisher'. In my defense, I am a little nervous about working on Starsky, because I'm afraid that I will indeed find out that I'll have to rip out the stocking I made my mom for Christmas. And second, that lace shawl that I started is supremely slow going and is very complicated, (read: NOT mindless knitting) and I think I need to label it as a long term project, and just accept that. Additionally, I am kind of waiting for those sharper needles to arrive- I think that will make things a LOT easier!

So, I gave myself permission to start knitting with my new Regia Bamboo sock yarn, and have started up on the Monkey sock pattern from the most recent edition of Knitty. I am completely loving this pattern! I also like knitting with the yarn- it is soft and nice, and is a nice change of pace from knitting with wool. Spiderman 2 is about to be on TV, and I have never seen it... or maybe I have. I can't remember. But if I haven't, I am going to knit throughout the film, and possibly tidy up my apartment to give my hands a break here and there. Perhaps I'll add a pic of my progress later on in the evening! In the meantime, might I suggest knitting the Monkey socks immediately!

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