Friday, February 23, 2007

A Brief Hello.... that might possibly turn into a rant...

Well, although I have been doing SOME knitting, I have also been distracted by beading. There is a small, local museum nearby that has been selling my jewelry for the past year, and it is now time for a new installment of my 'goods'. However, they have now asked me to design/ decorate the display case that my jewelry occupies, but it is a weird shape, so I have been racking my brain for ideas. I'll take a picture of the final result for you.
I have not started any new knitting projects, in part because I ran out of yarn for the bulky sweater I was designing myself. I did order more, because I figured it related to 'stashbusting'... no need to leave a sweater unfinished, right? Plus, on Monday, both of the sock clubs I'm in will start mailing out the new kits... I know I'll get distracted by those, so I'm holding off. In the meantime, I have been knitting a bit on my lace shawl from the Victorian Lace book. I do 8 rows at a time, and then I need a little break. But it's okay.... I see it as more of a long term project anyway.
Here is my rant: after many knitters made the request, Addi has put out a new line of lace knitting needles! However, I have read some reviews, and I think they did NOT make needles pointy enough to make me happy. One reviewer said that they were NOT as pointy as the Knitpicks circular needles, which I already own, and I would like something pointier! To be honest, I think I'd like a needle that was JUST shy of piercing my flesh. I guess I will NOT be buying them. But I would have. I really would have. Sigh.

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