Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fixing what was... all messed up

At the end of 2005, I bought some closeout Berroco Duo yarn at the year end Webs sale. I also bought a pattern booklet and immediately went home and knit up a snuggly, bulky, big necked sweater. A BIG NECKED sweater. I swear I had gauge, I swear I followed the pattern, but the neck was seriously big enough to pull down over my shoulders. It was just plain silly.
So, I did what any good knitter would do... I hid it away in the depths of my sweater drawer and pretended it didn't exist. Until the Stash and UFO Bustalong, that is! I have been slowly attempting to knit down some of my stash, as well as to tackle those 'well, that didn't turn out QUITE right' projects.
Unfortunately, I could not manage to find the pattern booklet. And, once I frogged the giant neck, I realized that the sweater had not been knit in the round, and that I'd have to unseam the sleeves partway. Blecch. However, this yarn is so groovy, that I knew it would be worth the effort. I did a little math, figured out how much more I'd need to decrease in order to make the neck less gigantic, and got to work. I frogged down 14 rows of the sleeves and the front and back, and decreased every other row instead of every 4 rows, and that did the trick! Now, I have a big, snuggly, WEARABLE sweater! I am pleased as punch.

In other UFO news, I ordered two zippers off of (a great place to buy custom zippers, especially if your mom has a sample booklet), which will be the finishing touches for Heather's Samus, and for my ancient Ribby Cardi, which predates this blog by quite a bit. I do not exactly look forward to sewing the zippers in, but it will indeed be cool to add TWO more to the FO list! I'm on fire, folks!

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